What Christmas really means

December 25, 2008 at 11:01 pm 2 comments

It’s Christmas. A time for family, friends, mad parties, and just all-around fun. For some of us, it’s the presents that make us look forward to it. For others, it’s the amount of alcohol imbibed.

Unfortunately, we’ve forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not about that jolly fat man who is but a metaphor for consumer capitalism and hyperconsumption, nor is it about family, friends, alcohol, or anything (but family and friends are pretty important, YA RLY).

Heck, it’s also not about animé, as far as I’m concerned.


In today’s risk-averse, self-centered, graceless society, we’ve pretty much pushed out some very important things. Things like manners, family time, ethics,  trust and honesty, [LIST TRUNCATED].

But most of all, we forget the most important thing: that a loving, personal, God would give his most precious gift to us undeserving humans. What was that gift? It’s the gift of salvation.

But why do we need to be saved? Can’t we all save ourselves?

The question is, can we? I wish we all could, but assuming there is an afterlife and we are all going to be judged to see if we’re going to burn for all eternity, all of us would fail that test. Even if we did nothing but good deeds all our lives, we’d still be burning, because we all make stupid mistakes. If it only takes one piece of bad news to change a person’s reputation, it shuold take a lot less to deny us heaven.

Is what you see what you get? It isn’t. I wish it were, though. It’d make things a lot easier. But there are things which we can’t see, and yet, we get it. Like punishment, for example. We probably don’t see it, but we get it anyway. And grace. We can’t see it, and we definitely don’t deserve it, but we still get it.

Do all religions lead to God? I’m afraid none of them lead to God. Some might lead to understanding God, but none of them lead to God. In fact, it’s a given that all of them will lead you to some other place, or places. I’m not too sure about this.

But if everything is meaningless, wouldn’t it be better to die? HOLD ON A MINUTE THERE. WAIT.

But what’s a guy to do, or believe in? If nothing man does or believes has any effect on the events of the world, or the world after, then what does?

Would you believe me that He already gave you the answer? You do? Good. Listen very closely.

God gave up His Only Son, to be born on earth, to die on an old cross-shaped piece of wood. The guy did nothing but good, and was blameless and sinless, as far as my sources are concerned.  And yet, that guy gave up all power and honor to live just like us, feeling our pains, watching our lives, helping us when we need it most, lending his shoulder to cry on, being lent shoulders to cry on, experiencing with us what it truly means to be human.

And then, we nailed him to that old cross-shaped piece of wood, shamed him, jeered at him, called him names, ignorant of the fact that he was born in almost the same way, his first visitors being outcasts and pagans. The same people who adored him, now mocked him.

And the most amazing thing? He never once did kill them, or ask them to stop. Even when he was dying, he never stopped caring for us. (For those of you who note similarities between a certain work of fiction and what I actually am describing now, it’s all a mere coincidence.)

Now why would he do that? We did this to him! He has no need to care for us! He did not have to! But yet, he did! And why would he (and about 80 million people after him) be willing to be led like a lamb to the slaughter?

The truth is this: That man I am talking about, the guy who gave up the gloy of above for the lesser thing? The guy who lived with us all those years ago? That guy who was nailed to the cross-shaped piece of wood? He’s none other than Jesus. He was born unknown, and died reviled. And even in death he still served.

The thing is, he needen’t have done that. He could have killed us all. Why? Is he some sort of a sicko? A liar, crazy? OR MAYBE HE JUST LOVES US SO MUCH.

Yes, there’s no other explanation for this seemingly insane choice. This man, born of a virgin, gave up the glory of heaven, to die like some criminal. All because he loved us so much to save us all from what lies beyond.  He represents a deity so wonderful and kind, HE has held back His Hand of Wrath to let us all believe  in His Love.

I don’t represent any religion, even though I associate myself with the Christians. But I have tasted this Infginite Love, and it’s the most wonderful thing in the world. It’s so amazing, I have to tell people about it.

I don’t need to list down 12 moments in animé. Every single moment I see is precious. I don’t need to talk about what posts made headlines this year; it’ll only bring up bad memories.

But I have got to tell you this. It’s still the single greatest thing I know, and I’ve known great things. It’s more amazing than Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. It’s more amazing than Gurren-Lagann and CLANNAD combined. It blows Haruhi out of the water, and it’s more awesome than Overman King Gainer (and that show was pretty kickass to boot.) And the best part is, HE DID IT JUST FOR YOU. This most awesome thing, it’s also personalized!

Now THAT is the greatest gift ever. Don’t you think?

Merry Christmas. And I hope 2009 doesn’t kill us all.

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  • 1. Valmanway  |  December 27, 2008 at 11:05 am

    Woot agreed.

  • 2. bomblol  |  December 29, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    faggot niggerjew


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