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Rika wins Saimoé, horrible joke to follow.

What happens if a goat, for no good reason, humps Rika?


Now if you excuse me, I’m going to accept my demise now.

November 4, 2007 at 12:47 am 1 comment

Spawn moar Hanyuu

Higurashi Kai trailer released. Bring your own Hanyuu. Also, old.

What I’d like to see in Kai:

  • HANYUU. Hanyuu is made of cute and win. Ya rly.
  • Less Mion, because Mion is made of utter failaids.
  • Hanyuu Hanyuu Hanyuu
  • NecoArc. Can’t have Ciel-sensei without NecoArc.
  • *insert ramblings about moar Shion
  • Lots of Hanyuu airtime (Naaaaaaaaaah)
  • Touhou-style final episode of Higurashi Kai. SUDDENLY, SPELLCARDS, THOUSANDS OF THEM.
  • You called down the Hanyuu, now raep the Hanyu- Wait, what?
  • We require moar Hanyuu


June 7, 2007 at 11:25 pm 4 comments

Deeleeshus auauau~

Well, seeing as Higurashi Kai is slated to air July 2007 (Along with School Days, wewt!), well, I’M DROPPING SPOILARZ UP THE WAZOO LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Or something. See if you can decipher the spoilarz.

  • Thar will be deeleeshus auauau~ (I GUANTAREE IT!)
  • Hanyuu grants a Reimu-size hitbox!
  • Takano Miyo is a danmaku n00b.
  • Keiichi has a spellcard! (Baseball Bat Sign – [Beat Creepy Nurse to Within An Inch Of Her Life])
  • Rika insults Hanyuu T_T
  • Not Enuf- Eh, you all know what I will kvetch about. Well, needs moar Hanyuu, yeah, but… … …
  • Auauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauauau~


March 23, 2007 at 4:22 pm 4 comments

Yes. people, even lolimoe supernatural protectors need company too.

Yeah, I figured you all are tired of me going Shion this and Shion that. So for a change in pace, I’ll just share with you new crackpot theories and shit.

What we have confirmed so far:

  • Shion killed Mion, Oryou, blahblahbalh.
  • Shion has one helluva tragic crush on Satoshi.
  • Mion loves her twin sister, maybe she’s even GAR for her.
  • Twin-swop ala Tsukihime. FTW.
  • I am batshit insane.

What this episode revealed:

  • The Sonozakis indeed have demon blood in their veins.
  • Yes, people, Mion loves her sister that much. Enough to rip out her own nails for it.
  • Satoshi is missing, and well, see the first episode of Tatarigorishi-hen for more details.
  • The Sonozakis are more or less responsible for the murders~
  • Shion is the next harem mamber of our favorite lolimoe supernatural protector??? WTF???

And now, some nutty crackpot theories.

Oyashiro-sama is lonely. After all, protecting a town full of demon hybrids is lonely work. So what does our favorite lolimoe supernatural protector do in between all that patrolling and scaring off evil spirits that like lolimoe supernatural protectors and such? Why, build a harem, of course! She’s not too picky on gender, she wants her own harem, like that Tohno Shiki feller. And that’s how thew whole “CURSE OF OYASHIRO-SAMA” came about. I think she’s best friends with Ren, too. Affter all, she did imply to the Sonozakis to use bondage on their victims before torturing them, right?

And now, some discussive dialog on the Hinamizawa demon hybrids, using the Tohno example from Tsukihime and everything I know about demons from Nasu.

If the Three Great Houses of Hinamizawa were to have daemon blood in them, it can be said each House would have greatly different powers. We know the Furude line has some daemon blood, but that was sealed off by the powers of Shinto. Only when Rika was born did her demon haf manisfest itself. Therefore we can assume that the Furude line has some sort of daemonic clairivoyance, and probably other powers. The Kimiyoshis, on the other hand, seems to have gradually lost their daemonic blood through generations of breeding, but they are still one of the Great Houses, so we cannot rule back the possibility of their daemon blood returning, even though we do not know the powers of the Kimiyoshi line. The Sonozaki line, the supposedly weakest line, seems to have the daemon blood flowing in them the strongest. It is not known why, but we do not see any special powers exhibited from them, as compared to the Furude line or the Tohno line. But how can that be, seeing as daemon hybrids have some sort of power, like Akiha’s Origami and ability to suck heat, Furude’s clairivoyance, or even SHIKI’s ability to reshape his body and forge blood into weapons? Could it be that the Sonozaki’s daemon blood is more of an Ogre-type, like Kishima Kouma’s? It is possiblle, because apart from strength boosts, not much is seen. And that is the mark of the Ogre. Keep in mind that the daemon blood grants you different powers at the expense of your sanity, and not generic benefits like super strength and stuff like you see in superhero comics.

Next Week: Blood! Gore! And probably Oyashiro-sama gets a new harem member!

And now,Youtube linkzor!

Here we have a funny F/SN+PPD MAD.
And here we have a funny one mocking Archer to the tune of Miko Miko Nurse.
And Here is a serious one.
And here is Nanoha pwning Gundams.
Here. It’s like teh SEED Destiny Mecha are falling to the flucking magical girls!
Here. And now even Zeta wants in on the hot magical girl action.
Here. Wait, what? Even Jun Maeda and his merry men want in too?
Here. And if it ain’t enough, The Super Robots kick back and watch the magical girls duke it out with one another.

August 10, 2006 at 11:35 pm 2 comments

I cringed.

This man is Ernest Scribbler… writer of jokes. In a few moments, he will have written- Errr… … wrong post. This isn’t supposed to be funny.

To be honest, I was really overjoyed to be exposed to, um, more Shion. Well, for the first half of the show. Then we move on to the much scarier second half of the show. Yes the NailRipper 2K scene.

I cringed even before it happened. I didn’t see the nail fly out, but I did hear the screams. It broke my heart. Real bad. I had to fight the urge to rip off my headphones then and now. I also fought the urge to skip that scene.

It’s funny, see, because if I were to rank all the violent and disturbing scenes in the series, I’d put this first, and the whole Shion-in-a-camisole-freaking-out-at-Mion scene second (and we’re not even sure if that’s Shion in the cell.) this wouldn’t be very high on the list. Sure, it hurts like the ruddy dickens, but well, I dunno.

And I bet everyone else was going WOO! DIE BITCH DIE!. Hopefully not. Nobody should ever have to go through such trauma. And I highly doubt any character (at least in this series) should go through such intense hatred. She’s already suffered more than her fair share at the hands of the scenario writer, and I hope the fans do realize this.

And I still don’t know the reason why I love Shion so much. It’s rather unhealthy, liking a fictional character, even if anyone tells me it’s normal.

August 3, 2006 at 11:01 pm Leave a comment

Oh Shion, you’ve suffered so much.. …

Okay, Meakushi-hen just blew my mind. Twice. And not in the “OSHII A TERRORIST HIT MY HEAD WITH A RPG” type of mindblowing.

But before I go on, here are a few theories that have been confirmed/revealed.

  • Mion and Shion, have indeed, swiched roles.
  • The Sonozakis were responsible for the murders. (I think.)
  • Shion was the Harbinger of the Fourth Murders. (And thus, inadvertedly killing poor Satoshi. T_T) Just like how Keiichi is the Harbinger of the Great Gassing of Hinamizawa.
  • Satoshi wasn’t meant to be the sacrifice, Satoko was.
  • Mion is the heir to the Sonozakis.
  • If the beginning of the episode is to be believed, Shion killed Oryou and Mion. NOES
  • This is the answer Arc to Watanagashi-hen, Tatarigoshi-hen, and that Rika-chan arc.
  • I am completely batfuck insane.

Now then, to business.

If you were to ask me if I might hate Shion after, my answer would be a firm and resolute no. It’s easy to hate her for all the things she’s done. Killing her grandmother, her sister, hurting the ones she loved, it’s all detestable things. Sure, she chose to do those things, but do we know why? I ask you, do you know why she did those things? Maybe it’s because I’m a diehard romantic or something, or maybe I’m a sick pervert who loves breasts (yeah, you heard me right), but behind all that is a girl who wants to be loved. She may have said and done some terrible things to Satoko, but I truly believem in her heart, she was doing iit for Satoshi. Blind and impulsive, I hear from people. Yes, I don’t deny that, they’re right. She’s got feelings she doesn’t know how to cope with, and those two years in the boarding school didn’t help much, either. When Satoshi died, something must have snapped in her. I don’t know what, but it happened. She’s been through a lot, people. Please try to understand her before passing judgement. This is as much as I can do for a much-misunderstood character.Or at least imagine her mournful face singing the ED. That’s all I beg of you.

We are also surprised by the actions of Sonozaki Oryou. What we perceive of her is that of a ruthless head of a mafia. What her actions dictate is one of kindness and understanding. She does not want innocents to get hurt. She spared the lives of Mion and Shion. She wanted the poor child they kidnapped to be treated like a guest.  Does this dictate the mind of a ruthless mafia don? I think not.

As for Satoshi, I don’t know. He has suffered the ire and hate of niot just the whole of Hinamizawa, but also of his own relatives. For a crime he did not commit. He tries his best to protect his sister from the harm and does not tell anyone. He cares for other people rather than himself. In fact, it was this trait that led to his untimely death. He’s not such a bad individual, if we are to believe Meakushi-hen. The poor guy was desperate and wanted to let it all go. He chose to be the sacrifice rather than let poor Satoko die. I’m also inclined to believe he set up a trust fund for Satoko too. He’s a very admirable, kind individual.

I’ve also changed my mind about Mion. She’s actually very nice. :3

But I think you all know the point I’m trying to drive across.

Now if you excuse me, I’ll try to cry now. You fucking bastards.

July 26, 2006 at 11:34 am 5 comments

Higurashi Daybreak, or is it SEEDBreak?


Ryogi has nothing on Higurashi. I think it’s a cute image, so there.

As you all know, Higurashi SEEDDaybreak is made by Tasogare Frontier, makers of fine doujin games. I’m sure you all have heard of Eternal Fighter Zero and Immaterial and Missing Power. And Super Marisa Land (WORST GAME EVER LOL) And Megamari (Complete with Mystia windvane~).

But I’m not talking about those games, for that requires another post altogether. I’m talking about their newest, soon to be released at Comiket 70 (if they manage to crank out the gold master on time), Higurashi DayBreak. Or as I would like to call it, Higurashi SEEDBreak, LOL.

Higurashi DayBreak is a 3D fighting game, ala the Gundam vs. Series (for example, Titans vs. AEUG, Zeta vs ZZ, ZAFT vs Alliance), minus the FREAKING GUNDAMS, and with the oh-so-loveable characters from Higurashi.

The controls are pretty simple. Tap the direction buttons to move, double-tap to dash, press one button to jump, another for melee attack, yet another to a ranged attack, hold the ranged button to unleash a more powerful attack, and one more to lock onto characters. Yep, pretty simple indeed.

The story goes like this: In order to prevent demons to kick the collective ass of Hinamizawa, the cast of Higurashi have to kick each others’ asses to protect some beads. I think that’s the story.

The most interesting thing about this game is the huge powerbar to the left of the screen. It has 2 modes: Oyashiro and Friendship. Upon activation, you glow like the dickens and I think you get a powerboost. Kinda like a SEED break, I guess. Also why I call it Higurashi SEEDBreak. (Bad overused joke, I know. Don’t beat me up.)

Interestingly, I like the Gundam series of vs. games, and by default, I like this cute clone. It is a very-well-made 3D game, and, well, for doujin games, this is just as good as the Touhou series. (Very subtle hint to Tasofro: MAKE ONE FOR THE TOUHOU SERIES AS WELL.)

Now, off I go to beat Mion up. 😛

July 23, 2006 at 2:50 am 3 comments

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