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Dengeki Daioh pays several artists several million yen to run my sanity into the ground

Sources extremely close to Japan states that Dengeki Daioh has just decided to declare war on what is left of my collective sanity (and thankfully, not on my wallet).

As a commeration of their 15 years of not declaring war on anybody’s sanity and existence, they have decided to have a heroine’s gallery (of sorts) where they will pay several artists several million yen each to draw weapons of mass dis-traction, er, I mean, popular females from Dengeki Daioh.

And now, I will go through the lineup and hope NOT to get early injuries before theyeven launch their collective assault.

  • Aoki Ume (Hidamari Sketch) x ToHeart [OW MY NUTBLADDER]
  • Akane Kotetsu (Vandread manga) x ToHeart
  • Ayakura Jyuu (Spice & Wolf novel art) x Toaru kagaku no railgun [Pffffffffffffffffffft.]
  • Arufa (Sharin no kuni game) x Toradora! [T_T]
  • Itou Noizi (Haruhi novel art, Shana novel art) x Toradora! [GAH]
  • Ishikei (NiseMIDIdoronokai) x Kashimashi ~girl meets girl~ [SOMEBODY HELP ME]
  • Ueda Yumehito (True Tears anime) x Toaru kagaku no railgun [HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA]
  • okama (all sorts of cool stuff) x GUNSLINGER GIRL
  • Kuroboshi Kouhaku (Kino no tabi novel art) x ToHeart [O_O]
  • KEI (Vocaloid 2 Hatsune Miku etc) x Ichigo Mashimaro [BLARG]
  • Kotamaru (Twinkle Crusaders, Prism Ark) x Shingetsutan Tsukihime […I’m so dead.]
  • Kobayashi Jin (School Rumble) x Azumanga Daioh [NO NOT THAT COMBO.]
  • Kobuichi (Zetsubou, SNOW) x Shingetsutan Tsukihime [ZETSUBOU SHI- It’s not Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei?]
  • Komatsu E-ji (planetarian, Iriya no sora) x Daioh Heroines [O_O, 😦 T_T ZETSUBOU SHITA!]
  • Satou Shouji (Highschool of the dead) x Azumanga Daioh
  • Shiina Yuu (Legend of heroes 6) x Shakugan no Shana
  • Sumaku Jungo (Carbon Base) x Ichigeki sacchuu!! Hoihoi-san
  • Sogabe Shuuji (Senko no Ronde) x Azumanga Daioh
  • Tomoseshunsaku (Akatsuki no goei) x ToHeart
  • Nanao Naru (D.C., ef, Suika) x Kokoro Toshokan
  • Haga Yui (Lotte no omocha!) x Ninin ga Shinobuden
  • Harada Takehito (Disgaea series) x Ichigo Mashimaro [FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFf]
  • Fujima Takuya (Negima!? NEO, Nanoha Vivid) x ToHeart
  • Miyama Zero (Princess Bride) x Shakugan no Shana
  • Muririn (Nanami to Konomi no oshiete A.B.C) x Toradora!
  • Yuuki Hagure (WIRE FRAME) x Kashimashi ~girl meets girl~
  • Youta (SH@PPLE) x Kokoro Toshokan
  • Yoshizaki Mine (Keroro Gunso, Otomedius) x Ninin ga Shinobuden [*sounds of breaking glass]
  • refeia (Devils Devel Concept) x Ichigeki sacchuu!! Hoihoi-san
  • Ryouka (Akane iro ni somaru saka game) x Kemeko DX [*Sounds of utter despair]
  • Watashiya Kaworu (Kodomo no jikan) x Kemeko DX [*sounds of- CTHULHU FTHAGN]


…At least there’s no Feena 😛

Also not funny.

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The cancer that is killing Kyoani, PART DEUX

Oh, and the cancer that is killing KyoAni? They are too reliant on attention-to-detail. If you read the  manga, the quality is almost the  same as the animé. While this may be KyoAni’s strongest point, it is also their weakest. Without any form of minor rewrite to the script, they are only able to  produce animé that are a bit too faithful to the manga series. So I hear you liek mudkips. And that’s the cancer that is killing Kyoani.

I was kinda wondering why they had that one shot where they showed Misae in a typical porn pose that emphasized how smoking hot she was (AS IF WE DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW). Also, TOMOYO KYOU IN DA LOCKA. Apart from that, the episode itself was a masterstroke in shot placement, pace, and scenery porn, but then again, so was the whole first season.

And again when Kotomi wasn’t needed and still showed up. And the Fuuko Master scenes (which were really annoying, cinematically speaking). And the misture and sudden tying up of the Kyou/Tomoyo route mash. Or the fact that the OP scene was pretty much a Key staple OP in extremely pretty animated form (personally, Kanon did the Key OP thing a lot better. I have never seen such a recockulous amount of effort into SHOWING Ayu eating her taiyaki. Or Mai’s hair. Oh lawks the hair) Yes all the Key VNs have this annoying roll call of characters. Usually the main heroines tho. But rest assured, IT’S ALL THERE IN THE VNS.

Nor could I understand the seemingly unrelated scenes where robot and girl interact (though this originally was attributed to my unwillingness to suspend my disbelief). Which also manifested itself as Ayu’s I HAS A DREAM scenes right before every arc. AND THE END. DRR DRR DRR.

It is of my personal opinion that CLANNAD is still one of the most beautiful works of animation I have ever seen. In terms of animation, storytelling, and cinematography, it’s top-class. But it does seem that everyone has more than just mere reservations about the show, sometimes even bordering onto outright hatred, which also echo my personal reservations about the series.

Which would mean that there is some fundamental problem that cannot be atributed to just the human sentiment of wanting either more or too much from everything (which is still the root cause of the problem here.). Too much attention to detail, perhaps, KyoAni? I believe so.

The problem here is this. KyoAni prides itself on attention-to-detail. Probably waaaaaaaay too much. CLANNAD is not your typical VN, where you can pick your girl and be a happy man (relatively speaking). Every single arc is connected to the main plot (or so I hear). It is one of the most ambitious VNs ever made (it was 4 years in the making and drained a lot of money, too), so any adaptation has to be extremely ambitious in order to meet this extremely tall order.

It’s painfully obvious that KyoAni has stretched itself to breaking point to deliever what I personally feel is their magnum opus (AS IF KANON WASN’T ENOUGH ALREADY), and it’s showing. The pandering (OH LAWKS NOT THE PANDERING), the seemingly un-CLANNAD shots (like that one Misae shot), the sloppiness (as some people has said), all the minor nitpickings people are nitpicking over…

If you ask me, it’s clear that KyoAni has taken a job that is too big for their britches, even for a studio like thiers. CLANNAD was an insane gamble that paid off big-time for Key, and to adapt something this big requires not just extremely big balls (which KyoAni have already shown by taking on this Sisyphyean gamble), it requires nerves of steel, an insane director with an extremely creative BENT (think Shinbo, but less artsy),  and unwavering belief in what they do. And even when they lack some of the things required, they still pull through, even if it feels lacking (like pretty much everyone around these parts here feel).

Though if you ask me, by saying CLANNAD the animé sucks, you’re gonna have to say CLANNAD the VN sucks too. For being way too ambitious. Because the fault does not lie with the studio, it’s with the source material.

Are you forcing me, then, to say Key sucks? Because that’s what everyone wants me to do. And because it’s not just cool to hate on sacred cashcows, it brings in the hits, and in the interests of more hits, I’m going to say it out now.

Key sucks. ONE sucked monkeyballs. Kanon is a piece of shit. AIR deserves to be consigned to a trash heap. CLANNAD is tripe and deserves to be thrown into the shredder. Tomoy o After is more than crap, it’s anathema (OH WAIT), Little Busters is made of fail and lose and is so overrated it needs to die in a fire (AND THE PORN EDITION TOO). And planetarian may be a step in the right direction, but it still sucks. In fact, Maeda Jun deserves to be anally raped by FROZEN ICYDONGS for making such shit.

*just died even more inside.



2. The main problem is still the fact we demand too much from everything. When we finally learn to expect less and accept more, it is there that we find true enjoyment.

3. GONZO is was awesome.

4. I hate myself.

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Symbology and You: And something about hope too!

I’m no expert on symbology (I don’t know much about symbology, most of it is lost to the ages), and since poeple have been talking about symbology and stuff, I just have to chime in.

Talking about Gurren Lagann, a lot of people have noted a lot of things. Better storytelling, prettyness, Simon’s less than noticeable yaoi potential with a lot of males (Kamina, Viral, Nia with a PENIS, etc), you get the drill. But then, I read something a lot better.

It didn’t really hit me to write this until I read this.

I’ve never really finished Gurren Lagann, but after watching even two episodes, I knew this show was a winner. Something inside me felt different after each episode. Something good and fine and the world might just turn out to be all right.

That, my friends, is the feeling of hope.

Let us look at a great (but oft-ignored) work, that being the tale of Pandora’s Box, to understand this strange feeling.

As we all know, Pandora was an exceedingly beautiful woman, crafted by the Greek Pantheon, in order to punish Promethus’ work because he stole some sacred fire. (Of course he was punished in a much more gruesome manner, but the mere description of it would send people sucking their thumbs for a week, or wanting guro, I dunno. Let’s just say Prometheus was glad that eagle wasn’t a spleen-craving zombie eagle.)who was presented to Epimethus, his brother, who married her (or something.) It was said that as a wedding gift, the happy couple was given a box (or a jar, a box is easier to remember.). No one was to open that box, those sneaky Greek gods instructed, knowing full well what was inside.  As time passed, Pandora got more and more curious as to the contents of the box. Then one day, curiousity got the better of her and she opened it. Out flew a myriad of dark things, each representing a form of evil and suffering. (It was also rumored that the first victim was a cat who just happened to pass by, thus the saying, “curiosity killed the cat” :P). In horror, Pandora slammed the box shut.

But then a little voice squeaked out, “Don’t close the lid!” Pandora lifted the lid enough to see just who this voice belonged to. It was a small white thing, much smaller than the black things that flew out. “What are you?” she demanded. “I’m Hope. The gods put me in here in case someone opened this box.” And with that, the white thing flew out.

Hope is one of the most easily forgotten things the world has. And yet, it is the single most enduring thing in the world.

And we come to Eva. A show devoid of hope. Christian symbols and misappropriated psychoanalysis everywhere. All in a shallow effort to make the show seem deeper than it is. The content? It rails on about hopelessness, the apathy of the Japanese, and probably something else. Most likely the role of women. Yes, it is a good example of deconstructing a genre and there’s probably some great storytelling in there; it’s also one of the best examples of despair.  The show’s nothing but a bastion of hopelessness, at it’s core an ultranationalist message slamming into the minds of the viewers that they have to take action or face the reality that is shown in Eva. In fact, most Eva apologists fail to see such an ultranationalist message of no hope, or pretend to not see it, or do not have the cultural mindset to comprehend it.

And if anyone were to speak up in defense of Eva, you are going to have to acknowledge four things:

  • You’re nothing but a worthless, apathetic human being.
  • You’re extremely shallow, just like how shallow the symbology in Eva is.
  • You’re a corporate whore. Hideaki Anno laughs at your repugnant efforts to worship him.
  • There is absolutely no hope in this world. None at all.

For your information, Anno is one of them idiots who think World War 2 was the greatest period in Japan’s history and wants Japan back in that supposed glorious age. He gets paid to rant on and on about the failings of Japanese society and to spew forth rhetortic that would see Japan being nuked back to the Stone Age. Take that information as you will.

And we come to planetarian. To the untrained mind it pretty much looks like the dystopian future Anno said would have happened if no one took action (Short answer: it would have happened whether humanity took action or not. It’s been written in so many books it’s ridiculous. It’s not even funny.). In it’s backstory, it said mankind had, and it paid dearly for its actions. Streets devoid of people, a rain not unlike acid rain pouring down onto the ruined earth, killer robots swarming the streets, the shattered remains of humanity forced to live like rats in order to exist tomorrow…

…And in the midst of all this hopelessness, a lone robot, a relic from another era, silently stands guard over an even older relic, which shows an even much older relic, one unseen by the earth in the story, in the hope that people would fill the streets again. And it so happens, a man from the hopeless present wanders in by accident, and is treated with a glimmer of the hopes of the past. Fuelled by that feeble ray of hope, he tries (unsuccessfully) to save it, and is, in the end, the carrier of hope of not just him, but the robot’s hope too.

In it, we see two completely different characters, the Junker, and Reverie (or Yumemi). The former, a product of the broken present, who slowly (but too quickly, in some people’s eyes) becomes the bearer of hope in a shattered land. The latter, a relic of the past, caretaker of the hopes of the past. Even though she mentions the fact that she is in fact, “Just a little bit broken”, and reveals to the Junker that she knew that no one was coming back, it was her simple faith and hope that drove her to do what she did. Her tragic (and rather overplayed) destruction and evental death did little to dispel her hope.

At it’s core, planetarian is a message about hope, even in a dystopian world. Damn the Key-isms, it’s about hope. Isn’t Reverie’s beliefs almost similar to what Kamina, Kittan, Lord Genome, heck, half of the male cast of Gurren Lagann said to Simon? “Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!” “Your drill is a drill that will pierce the heavens!” “Don’t believe in yourself! Believe in me, and believe in that I believe in you!” “Believe in yourself. Don’t believe in the you that believes in me. Don’t believe in the me that believes in you. Believe in the you that believes in yourself.” “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!” Aren’t these all messages of hope that is needed in a human world wracked in war, suffering and apathy? Did not King Solomon sum it up most wisely, “For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope; a live dog is better than a dead lion”?

Which one will you pick? Eva, and it’s message of despair, doom and hopelessness, or will you pick Reverie/Simon, and believe in the message of hope?

For me, the choice is clear. I’ve been living in despair for the longest of time, and after reading through a few articles on the issue, I had an epiphany. This is what I have to say after that. Fuck the world and it’s despair and doom. I’ll do as Kamina says and kick reason to the curb, pierce the heavens (lol) and believe in hope. Because hope is all there is to believe in.

I’m home, Reverie. I’m truly am.

PS: It’s a bit strange for a Protestant Christian to be talking about hope in a humanist manner rather than a Christian manner, but then again, if I went on about Jesus and the Resurrection, it would be extremely silly and would not sit too well. While Jesus wasn’t like Kamina, I believe the same sentiments exist, just in completely different manners. Upbringing or study of the Bible does not cut it all the time, it just won’t work for this generation, since salvation and belief in hope and all that jazz is ultimately personal.

PPS: And just to make things clear, while I do some parts of the life of Christ in planetarian, I have never considered Reverie to be Jesus. For one thing, she wasn’t nailed to a tree 😛 And another thing, she does not have advanced repair systems.

PPPS: Eva made me angry for no good reason when I watched the first episode. I don’t usually watch shows that make me angry, but I’ll make an exception with this one and watch it all the way to it’s sick, despairing end. I’ll counter it with repeated rewatchings of Gurren Lagann.

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planetarian: 2 years on, changes, recollections, and hope.

Everyone knows I’ve been somewhat zealous with the promotion of this game, and it’s personal benefits (to me mostly), so instead of asking people to get the game, I will simply say this:

Ever since I played that game all the way back on that October day, I have found my life changed beyond comparison. Long story short, I became a Christian, and accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior, yaddayaddayadda. Even though it did take me a year to finally do it.

While I felt really horrible inside the third playthrough, no tears were shed. While this could be attributed to the fact I was playing it this time round at a late hour and was kinda rushing through it (1.5 hours instead of 3) and that I had already played the game twice and listened to the soundtrack incessantly, still…

I feel that the game has done it’s job. It does not matter if I cry or not.

But enough about my newfound zeal.

The year that preceded this playthrough was a harsh one. Threats of lawsuits, general dissonance, pile after pile of unhappy events…

In no particular order:

  • ODEX
  • DarkMirage kicking up a ton of fuss over silly fansubs
  • TH2 Patch Fiasco
  • GipFace lashing out at Visualnews like a conceited Pharisee
  • tsubaki taking a cheap shot at me
  • Owen being an elitist mindless prick
  • Justin Sevakis and ANN (who are so anti-fansub you’d think they were like Christian/Islamic fundamentalists instead of Americans) thinking they can eradicate fansubs by appealing to Japan in their letter
  • Growing dissatisfaction with the whole thing, seeing as both sides have no righteous argument in which to lure me over
  • Realizing that Singaporeans pretty much flat out do not care at all about ANTHING, as long as it is not relevant to their interests

And those are just what I can remember offhand. Of course, the year has not been a total loss.

  • Mirror Moon has released the first of 3 Fate/Stay Night English Patches, with the second to follow
  • Utawarerumono has been picked up and is now being proofread
  • CLANNAD, Gurren Lagann, and ef
  • An undying hope that humanity will pick up the pieces and get along (even though it will not be so, I’m naive like that)
  • (insert something about religion here, I’m too lazy to put it in words)
  • CLANNAD English translation project chugging along fine
  • ~ONE~ English Patch

One might say these small things aren’t worth much cheer, but trust me, when things look bleak, it’s often the smallest rays of hope that can brighten an otherwise dreary, sad year. It is true, then, the words of the Teacher, when he said,

“it is good and comely for one to eat and to drink, and to enjoy the good of all his labour, which he may carry away in his hand.” – Ecclesiastes 5:18

Indeed, when the world seems to come apart at the seams, it is often the little things that make it seem not so bad.

As Christmas approaches, I wish you all a happy Christmas, in the hope that you will, one day, recognize Jesus as your personal Savior. I am not under compulsion to force this into anyone’s throat (though the thought of chucking down Bibles down people’s throats entertains me so sometimes), nor am I compelled to force anyone to convert. I am only a messenger, nothing more, nothing less. It is better for a man to come into the halls of the Lord with thanksgiving, rather than fear. It works much better, and people don’t grumble so much.

(Fun fact: Did ou know that Jesus was also born on the 6th of December, instead of the 25th? I know I’ll be lynched for this, I know, but the 25th is a rather convenient date, is it not?)

December 7, 2007 at 12:32 am 10 comments

Do you li- Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

This does not seem to be the very far future, where bombs and germs and robots have turned the world into a ghost planet. And America is definitely not bombed to the Precambrian and back.

And there are certainly no cute robots, or crazed scavengers, or giant railcannon-mounted quadruped tanks of lolibot-destroying doom. Or even hunter-seeker robots who can rend flesh from bone 😛

…Wait, it’s dated 31th August, 2007. Crud.

‘Twould be funny if they showed stuff like Sky Girls and Kiddy Grade instead of PlanetES and Stellvia 😛

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A Good Friday Special: Of planetarian, Good Friday, and Hidden Sigificance.

A Note of Warning and Apology:

This is a long, probably boring, and definitely serious and thought-provoking article. It is also filled with religious subtext, allegories to the divine, proof that a loving God actually exists, and definitely spoilers. I might also be shaming people here. If you happen to be allergic to the divine, or are atheist, or suffering from heart problems, turn thine eyes.

This is, in its entirety, a serious post, and should not be taken lightly. I apologize for not writing about how awesome Heroic Age is, or Lucky Star, or the new spring season is full of awesome and win, or even the randomness my reader(s) have come to expect of me, or heck, even about 4chan memes and Damaged Goods (which is touching and requires 7 massive posts for it is epic win), or even how Touhou Tsukitourou has some of the cutest songs ever, but some things have to be said. And this, I believe, is one of this things.


April 6, 2007 at 11:37 pm 15 comments

Planetarian Day: Planetarian Playthrough Number 2

Today is the day of the winter solstice, why not go out and see the stars tonight?

I know today is not the Winter Solstice, but I felt it was a rather fitting manner to start
this post off.

Now for some stats.

  • Number of times I have played Planetarian: 2
  • Number of months since last playthrough: Approximately 2
  • Number of time I cried: 4 (Two times perplaythrough)
  • Amount of money in my bank account:  Less than $2000
  • Cost of Planetarian Boxset sans novel: USD$35 @Himeya
  • Cost of F/SN RealtaNua LE: $93 @ Himeya
  • Will I be getting the Planetarian Box Set and OST and Artbook: Yes

Going a little overboard with that, yes, but I love this work to bits. Even if I am not a Key fanboy first (I’m actually a TYPE-MOON fanboy first, then Key.) .

I want the novel, because I want to know what happens after Planetarian, so, um, yeah, help a pal out, please?

And yes, it’s still very touching. I don’t know if I want to be desensitized to the sadness in it. I think if I did, it would be horrible. Not just for me, but for the creators of the game.

Also, Planetarian, AIR, and Kanon on your handphone. Japan onry orz Pocket Revvie~ (Oh shit.)

So, I wonder, how did you remember your Planetarian Day? (If your answer is ‘I drew a nekkid Revvie’, even for laughs, I will jump you and anally violate you. )

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