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And yes, if you don’t believe bj0rn is crazy, I can back that up.

Yes, he really was there since Friday, and he got lots of people to back up that claim.

Also, he was the first one to get that sola towel, and KKnM only had 2 in stock. (Guess who took the other towel?)

Heh, I never thought I could enjoy myself so much at this event, annoyances notwithstanding. And yes, I did have a load of fun at Charafest, nothing beats slacking in a comfortable place while watching people buy stuff. Good times, good times.

Anyway, just a quick rundown of the event:

The local animé merchandise store, Karshi Kanojo no Mise, or KKnM for short, holds an annual event where they sell some of the latest goods from Japan (and yes, they do go to Japan to get these goods.) And this year, they have gotten some Comiket72 goodies to sell. Though the list was seriously lacking in doujin goods (only 1 Touhou pencilboard set, and I don’t think I could afford that :V), at least they held true to their word.

(Well, I do understand if they don’t want to sell doujin goods, most of them isn’t done for profit, but for love and most probably, survival. Hey, people do need to eat.)

They’re a fairly nice bunch of people, really.

Well, enough introduction, now comes the fun part: watching the fairweather fans squirm, moan, and complain about their inadequacy while the true fans (and the insane ones) get rewarded.

And yes, I didn’t sleep just to attend that event. Go figure. 😛

I should hang out with bj0rn and the crew more often. Or go kick myself in the shin.

August 26, 2007 at 3:23 am 2 comments

Musics, lawl


Wait, wrong post. Oh dear. Gotta check that sanity seal sometime.

Ahem. Well, I got bored of waiting for the lol animu embargo to be lifted, so I’ll try to relieve my boredom by talking about doujin musics for a while. Well, unless you want me to rave about Battletech fan remixes :V

Unfortunately, unlike most people, I will be extremely biased and unforgiving to the point that I will declare any album or track as utter and extreme failaids. Mostly because of my standards :V ( O RLY? YA RLY OMFGWTFBBQIT)

How I will rate songs:

  • On how awesome it is compared to Tori no Uta, said to be the best lol eroge song in teh Universe, I think. (STAFOO, biatch, it is awesome)
  • On how mood setting it is, if applicable, when compared to Gentle Jena (screw you, it IS mood setting)

I am a horrible horrible man.

Also, I declare Marisa Stole The Precious Thing utter failaids. (The song, not the Flash). Nid moar Waki Miko Reimu.

June 7, 2007 at 3:20 pm Leave a comment

al|together 2006: Hooray doujin visual novels! Hooray for angry Koreans! Hooray for pretentious Brits! Hooray hypocrisy!

Most of the title is not meant to be taken seriously.

Actually, I almost forgot about this, until someone reminded me about it. Well, I am a placeholder name! Yay!

Anyways, back to the topic.

From the site:

al|together is back for 2006, with a very simple mission:

Love translation. Love stories. Spend a month sharing them together.

So basically, some people take a free doujin visual novel from Japan/Korea/Taiwan (with the full blessings of the creator), translate, localize, debug, and release it to the public in one month in English, if they can. Well, they’ve done a pretty bang-up job so far, though.

For those of you in the fanlocalization visual novel scene, this is a very big event, assuming you hang out at Haeleth’s forums and are ‘friendly’ with the people there. I know about this because I was privy to the birth of the first one. Although you all know of the DORAMA preceeding the event… … …

There’s the whole Wind debacle, and preceeding even the first al|together, the whole insani vs the bloody pirates due to Planetarian. Which pretty much means: What is this new and relatively unknown breed of people trying to prove? That they want to positively contribute to the visual novel scene to the English-speaking community, or are they no better than fansubbers, because of their haughty attitudes?

Seriously, I don’t know. I’ve had more than my fair share of bad brushes with the bad side of insani, and by bloody hell, it isn’t very nice. It’s not that they can’t produce high-quality goods, but… … …from what I’ve heard and experiebced, maybe Haeleth and his band of brothers aren’t all that nice after all.

I really have nothing against Haeleth, gp32, insani, and the crew of al|together and its participants, but… … … as a former member of this community, for their sake, I hope they do improve their attitudes. I’ve had some really nice times with them, but the bad memories left a sour taste in my mouth. I won’t go into details, for I don’t want to open up a whole new can of worms.

If anyone from the Haeleth forums are reading this, well, I really like you guys. Problem is, you act just like fansubebrs do, if not worse. Sure, doing this is a lot longer than your average fansub, and while you may want people to respect youfor what you’ve done, thing is, no one likes being flamed for revealing spoilers (known or otherwise), or acting like you own the place if you are taking part in a community project. In the end, if you do keep up your current attitudes, you’re gonna end up in a worse situation than fansubbers. I wish I really were flaming you, but I’m not. I’m just asking for a little common sense to be applied here. And probably a positive change in attitudes. As a creator myself (not in the game sense, though), I do know the pain of your own work not being recognized and plagarized. It hurts like fucking hell, but that’s the nature of human beings. You can’t change them, so just live with it.

Simply put, if you stop acting like fucking assholes, maybe we’d take notice of you for reasons other than the fucking dorama. Seriously, if you want to generate positive news, you gotta act like you deserve it.

I apologize for being blunt back there. But these people have to learn that not everyone will put up with their elitist attitudes, even if the people are willing to help them. Or maybe gp32 should just read DDD.

August 29, 2006 at 1:05 am 4 comments

Higurashi Daybreak, or is it SEEDBreak?


Ryogi has nothing on Higurashi. I think it’s a cute image, so there.

As you all know, Higurashi SEEDDaybreak is made by Tasogare Frontier, makers of fine doujin games. I’m sure you all have heard of Eternal Fighter Zero and Immaterial and Missing Power. And Super Marisa Land (WORST GAME EVER LOL) And Megamari (Complete with Mystia windvane~).

But I’m not talking about those games, for that requires another post altogether. I’m talking about their newest, soon to be released at Comiket 70 (if they manage to crank out the gold master on time), Higurashi DayBreak. Or as I would like to call it, Higurashi SEEDBreak, LOL.

Higurashi DayBreak is a 3D fighting game, ala the Gundam vs. Series (for example, Titans vs. AEUG, Zeta vs ZZ, ZAFT vs Alliance), minus the FREAKING GUNDAMS, and with the oh-so-loveable characters from Higurashi.

The controls are pretty simple. Tap the direction buttons to move, double-tap to dash, press one button to jump, another for melee attack, yet another to a ranged attack, hold the ranged button to unleash a more powerful attack, and one more to lock onto characters. Yep, pretty simple indeed.

The story goes like this: In order to prevent demons to kick the collective ass of Hinamizawa, the cast of Higurashi have to kick each others’ asses to protect some beads. I think that’s the story.

The most interesting thing about this game is the huge powerbar to the left of the screen. It has 2 modes: Oyashiro and Friendship. Upon activation, you glow like the dickens and I think you get a powerboost. Kinda like a SEED break, I guess. Also why I call it Higurashi SEEDBreak. (Bad overused joke, I know. Don’t beat me up.)

Interestingly, I like the Gundam series of vs. games, and by default, I like this cute clone. It is a very-well-made 3D game, and, well, for doujin games, this is just as good as the Touhou series. (Very subtle hint to Tasofro: MAKE ONE FOR THE TOUHOU SERIES AS WELL.)

Now, off I go to beat Mion up. 😛

July 23, 2006 at 2:50 am 3 comments


Yes, people, we have idiots descending to the /b/tards' level.

No seriously, what good does it do fighting with /b/tards? No noticeable achievement is noted, except maybe the swelling of your e-p0n0s and your e-go.

You wanna do something to stem the tide of arrogant e-pirates and /b/tards, don't stoop to their level. In doing so, youwould have lost, and they would have won.

You fellers agree with me, no?

June 25, 2006 at 8:25 pm 6 comments

We require more Touhou content.


It was either this or more Higuthingy speculations.

Let's see here, what can I add to my initial introduction…

Very few of us anime bloggers know the existence of Touhou. I don't really blame them, because it's not that well-known outside of Japan.

Currently, only these fine people are doing the best they can (through legal and/or other means) to spread the love of little girls shooting colourful bullet patterns at each other(other than me).

And of course, these fine websites.

I can't really say a lot of things, other than the fact that they're fun as heck, and tough as nails. Then again, doujin-wise, Touhou has some pretty interesting individuals.

June 14, 2006 at 5:35 am Leave a comment

The dreaded TOUHOU POST.

You've probably seen some rather unfamiliar names on this blog, but let me assure you. It's only the first step to brainwashing errr… the best little girls shooting at other little girls game you'll ever need.

What am I talking about, in my lolisnorting-induced hallucinations? It's about this series of games from Japan, available through all fine stores like FUCKING HIMEYA, that involves little girls spraying colorful bukkakke patterns of bullets at other little girls (to be honest, some of them have breasts of cow-like proportions).

In Touhou, you play as one of three protagonists(usually), playing out their versions of the event by, you guessed it, shooting at other little girls. And yeah, that's about it. Oh, don't forget to collect those colorful squares that fall out of the sky. They help you become more powerful.

Just before I introduce the (main) characters, here's a litle tidbit. The crazy man you should thank is ZUN, scrawny Japanese and crazy nutfuck. He did the games himself. You heard that right. All by himself. Okay, so he has people betatest his games for him, but the whole series has been cranked out by ONE MAN. Kinda like that crap on a cartridge known as ET for the Atari 2600, but with a rabid fanbase and not in a New Mexico landfill.


Well, the English community is also crazy rabid fucked. But in a totally different way. THey're just as crazy rabid fucked as the Japanese, only more rabid and sometimes crazy over nothing. They're also perverts.

Oh yeah, where was I? The characters, yeah. You (usually) play as one of three girls:

Reimu, the shrinemaiden who begs for donations, is crazyass talented but lazy, and likes getting it on with her armpits

Marisa, the Ordinary witch who steals stuff from various places, throws huge beams of mass destruction that puts dropping Colonies on planets to shame, and is rumored to have a penis.

Sakuya, the perfect and elegant maid, who throws knives, stops time, cleans house, like bondage (*shudder), is HAADO GEI for her mistress, and has a crazy rabid fangirl.

While ripping random enemies to bits, you may come across other notable characters like, that cute little Jesus-Cross girl, a stupid ice fairy, a redheaded door guard who happens to be empty in the head, a half-cat half-human libarian who happens to know some extremely destructive magic, a fat winter fairy, a two-tailed catgirl, a doll otaku and her extremely cute little doll companion, musician triplets, a loli-ish half-ghost swordsgirl who's under the employ of a very hungry ghost, a part-firefly part-human loli, a really tasty cute night sparrow,a part-cow part-hawt chick female-type, a loli vampire and her batshit insane younger sister, an extremely smart but extremely perverted nurse, an annoying moon princess and her crazy blue-haired punk of an adversary, a nine-tailed fox and her extremely hawt, sleepy, and perverted master, and many others~

I think I'd better end here. Any more and I'll probably go mad with either laughter or cuteness overload.

May 13, 2006 at 1:25 am 9 comments


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