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Blahblahblah ethics and rules and summat, but does this apply here?

DISCLAIMER: I know, I know, this really isn’t my cup of tea, and I’m supposed to be either lulbashing others, or write moar on teh animu, but well, this seemed interesting, and related to all the dorama that’s happening around.

DISCLAIMER PART TWO: This article is meant to provoke thoughts and such. It is also really long and boring. Anyone who is allergic to thinking and long articles should stay away. By clicking to see more, you agree to not hold me responsible for anything that happens after you read it. (more…)

April 10, 2007 at 7:54 pm 4 comments

Random suffrage

Yes, people, I’m officially crazy.

  • In episode 11, Shiori is eating PEACH-FLAVORED FROZEN DRINK THINGY. (Okay I lie. It’s vanilla.)
  • Drawing power from the hax dimension of Nagato Yuki (and the power of tertiary education), I have voted in SaiGAR.

January 8, 2007 at 2:48 pm Leave a comment

Haruhiism Diatribe: There are still people going at it?

Jesus Christ.

People still want to challenge me over this?

DM and I are cool over this matter already.

Also, Mayu proves that most Singaporeans are easily suckered into pretty much anything.

Also, I have real respect for real women. They do a lot of stuff and are not credited for it. Like childbirth for example. Anime characters don’t deserve half as much respect. A quarter, if it’s a well-written, well-rounded (character-wise), and multfacted character, which the novels portray quite well (barring the many parts where the author lost it and went Yuki is Moé for a book), but not half as much respect for real women.

I hate people who shove their opinions and attitudes down my throats for a good reason. And I’m sick of all this fanboyism and elitism as well. No one respects the companies or creative talent who try their very best and worst to bring anime to the masses. Hell, we tried to copyright cosplay for a bit. I’m tired of humanity flushing themselves down the collective gutter because of stupid little things like this. And I’m tired of people telling me Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu is a must watch and I shouldn’t bash it.

When I hang out with Tsubaki, tj_han, DM and the rest of the aniblogger community, I feel really happy and contented. We are all doing our best to promote animation in our own ways, and we are all kinda intelligent about it. And then I hang out with the people in my club, and then I run into the stupid fanboys which make up nearly half of the damn club. Or rather, the next generation of stupid fanboys. They don’t understand shit about market economics, copyright laws, the very people who try their best and worst to bring them what they like, motherfuckers who are proud to call themselves idiotic fanboys and embarrass themselves in public showing off their silly merchandise, people who only care about themselves and not about others, people who are willing to break the law to do what they like, people who deserve to be castrated and not reproduce.

DM had good intentions, I know that. He’s not like them, I admit.I had overreacted when I saw some of the faggots praising him for a job well done. He deserves a far higher praise than from those stupid fanboys.

I’m not going to say “My Blog, My Rules” because that’s gonna make me like them. What I will say is this: You are free to lay scorn, heap praise, or anything in between. If you don’t like what I say, critique away. You like what I write, keep the praises short and the critiques long. I appeal to not just a limited audience, but to a far bigger audience than I know possible. I will do everything in my power to try to at least make my readers happy, but I do not promise all of my posts will please all of you.

And as a sidenote, I don’t promote actual rape. That is illegal and does not appeal to feminists. Raping of fictional characters is still morally wrong, but hey, thanks for pointing that out. You really shouldn’t look at Japanese porn doujins, then.

Drm note: Yes, this was a response to the last commeent on that Diatribe.

December 16, 2006 at 11:34 pm 5 comments

I believe we have been insulted.

First of all, to all those faggots who know me in real life, I apologize for not watching Chocotto Siscon. I also apologize for failing. I also apologize for not having the same tastes as you narrow-minded hypocrites.Now then, on with the show.

Earlier today, I saw one of said close-minded hypocrites reading Jones Meow, and criticized him for having no taste. He replied by saying anyone who reads my blog is gay, owing to an earlier outburst over Utawarerumono and the trap twins. I believe he has insulted the whole of Animenano in doing so. Yes, he insulted japes, animeotaku, Hinanoha, Omni (assuming he even comes here), Os, kozu, tj_han (the creator of Tripeman), Tsubaki, whai_whai (even though the guy deserves a 16-ton weight to the head LOL), Ix, DarkMirage, kwok, lolikit, digiwombat (the great purveyor of porn LOL) and even hung, the (great milk-filled-titties-with-a-dragging-penis LOL) creator of the Nano. Yes hung, you are being insulted here. By some reader who reads Jones Meow and uses Blogspot and knows not the existence of the Nano, LOL.
So guys, how do you take to this insult? Do you feel offended?

August 11, 2006 at 9:41 pm 14 comments

Tripeman is many levels of WTF and Win.

Tripeman in 1Up Mode

Say hello to Tripeman, the recently-retired mascot of Riuva. He’s in one-up mode at the moment.

Damn. Tripeman deserves a place of honor for making me laugh my ass off multiple times. Especially when he’s going full steam ahead in certain situations.

All hail Tripeman!

All Hail Tripeman.

Unfortunately, something happened.

In other words, Tripeman was very pleased indeed and was sent to the hospital for the treatment of broken appendages, as he rolled around the floor with his tripod set up. We all know tripods are very stable.

Ouch. Poor Tripeman.

Instead of relegating our favorite triplefutamango mascot into obscurity, let’s put his horrifying visage up as the mascot of AnimeNano, subject to the creator’s consent, of course. It’ll be a blast, at least until i find some time to draw Hung-tan… Then we’ll have TWO mascots for the Nano.Hng0tan and his/her pet Tripeman.


July 13, 2006 at 12:16 am 6 comments

I fucking hate any goddamned form of rampant fanboyism/fangirlism.


So someone calls tj_han a fucking racist, and that he’d set back race relations by 50 years (just like Dave Chappelle! Seriously folks, if we can’t mock ourselves, what good is there to living? I’d rather die for a worthless cause.) and he rips her a new one. In fact, he rips her 30 new ones.

I’m gonna restate my stand on the whole fanboy/fangirl issue.

I don’t give a bloody damn about whether you like yaoi. Hell, I’ll tolerate the smell of burnt retinas and grey matter when staring at yaoi art (and I’ve seen the most hardcore of them all: Kuso Miso Technique.) and BoyLove slashfics. I’ll even resist the urge to regurgutate my lunch at crossplay.

But act like like a crazed fan in front of me and I’ll kill you. I’ll make sure I’ll either kill you or leave you so horribly maimed you’ll wish you never was born. And this is not a threat or ultimatium, it’s a reality. And hell yes, I will make good on that.

It’s very trying living in a nation of goddamned fanboys/fangirls. And they blow their money on overpriced items like copy-protected CDs and related merch. Yes, I know all fandoms have their fair share of goddamned crazy fanboys/fangirls, but to the point they stir up Internet drama? Oh puhleeze. Gimme a break. I’ve had to tolerate more than my fair share of fucking fancrazies living here. (You get glomped by what? A total of two fat yaoi fangirls? Try living with 4.7 million possible fanboys/fangirls everyday. And most of them are already fancrazies. You’ll never complain about the fat yaoi fangirl ever again.) And IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER. There’s one Sony fanbooy I know that I want to tear into right about now…
(And yes, I know being a fan of Japanese animation and blowing some of my cash on the related merch makes me rather unqualified to say such things, and screaming stuff like “NASU DOES NOT APPROVE” during a goddamned Cosplay con makes me a hypocrite, but at least I’m with like-minded people when I do that. Also, I’ve had platonic relations with yaoi fangirls, and there’s one crazy one, but she’s already generally crazy before I knew about her love for yaoi, so it all evens out.)

July 11, 2006 at 11:46 pm 9 comments

Is it okay to be otaku?

Someone told me that they noticed some of my peers at Sunshine Plaza wearing some sort of black SOS-Dan T-shirt, blaring anime music forth like some low-class African-American thug with a boombox. (Yes, tsubaki, I’m looking at you. And yes, I am trying to be politically-correct here.) This someone also said they also had the air of arrogance, but they looked like otaku. (tsu, that’ll only be one or two of them. The rest of us are likeable nutcases.) Which got my braincells running.

So, it is okay to be otaku? Does being otaku confer to you some sort of metaphorical badge you can metaphorically wear it on your metaphorical sleeve proudly? Is it okay to be proud to be otaku?

To what little I know about otaku, yes, it’s okay to be otaku, but no, you cannot be proud of it, like some arrogant rich fuck. Yes, it does confer to you a metaphorical badge, but it one of shame, and should not be allowed to be seen AT ALL. Or as little as possible.

And why is being otaku shameful? I’ll let you in on a little secret. Being otaku implies that you have failed in being a productive member of society, and have decided to sink yourself into a fantasy world where you can run away from your problems. Instead of solving the problem that lies with yourself and turning yourself into someone productive, you decide to remain unproductive and not contributing to the betterment of society. This also applies to anyone who dives too deep into any hobby. Do you want to be proud of being a torn in society’s flesh? Do you like living off the hardworking to jack off to drawn representations of your imagination? Do you want to take pride in the fact that in fact, YOU ARE A FUCKING FAILURE AND CHOOSE NOT TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT? DO YOU, FAGGOT?

If you want to do so, it’s none of my business. But act like that in front of me and I’ll kill you. I’ll make sure I’ll either kill you or leave you so horribly maimed you’ll wish you never was born. And this is not a threat or ultimatium, it’s a reality.

But moving on, it’s all right to be otaku and be a productive member of society. Heck, I’ve seen businessmen buying expensive Japanese anime goods. This proves you can be otaku and be productive at the same time. Well, to me, that is.

Also, I’ll tell you why I went otaku. If it weren’t for Japanese anime, I’d be either plotting the downfall of civilization, dead in the street, in a jail, and probably a combination of two, more or all of them. You see, I have one hell of a short fuse, and I’ve underwent counselling, psychiatric treatment, and went on antidepressant drugs for a short spell. And why? I have a burning hatred for humanity. You heard that right, burning hatred. That’s why I can whip out angry Drm posts with ease. Yes, all my angry posts are really filled with as much hatred as I can muster. But enough of that. If I didn’t go otaku, I would have killed people with impunity. Hell, I wouldn’t be writing this right now. Yes, at the expense of sounding like one of those people wo get paid to tell unwitting suckers ow something changed their lives, anime turned me into an almost-functioning member of society. This is one story you’ll never hear from TV, folks.

Yes, people become otaku for many reasons, some bad, some good. But remember this. We have to hide it. I’m proud to be otaku, but you’ll never see me flaunting it.
It might seem like I’m acting all pissy about it, but let me assure you. I’m no Minmei Sakamoto. Yes, otakus might be socially acceptable because of Densha Otoko, but it is only a grudging acceptance. Nobody likes to accept failure, not even the most laidback of people. Failure has always been not too far from death in the wild, mind you. We humans may be sentient, but we’re not all that removed from our animal instincts.

July 8, 2006 at 7:46 pm 24 comments

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