About orz

orz is the Japanese mememoticon for prostrating one’s self to someone else, usually an elder or a superior.

And why did I choose this name? Because you touch yourself at night.

orz was originally on blogger before it came to rest it it’s now home over at WordPress. See, the little mememoticon is now orzing comfortably.

About DrmChsr0

Me? I’m just another angry, crazy, logical-thinking guy on this side of the Internets. I have seen many strange and disturbing things (no thanks to /b/). I just happen to like Japanese animation. And Japanese food.I have no qualms about watching even the shittiest anime, though, but I tend to avoid crap like a Jedi.

Yes, I am a part-time Anonymous (and /b/tard), and I do not forgive.

Oschnapps INTERNETS LOADOUT (No none of this is real)

On Hand:

  • 1(One) Barret M900, modified to look like a Vindicare Assassin’s Exitus Rifle, named “Reverie” (There is a silly myth behind the name of this gun, some people say it was named after one of Marisa’s spellcard, Magic Sign “Stardust Reverie”. It has nothing to do with planetarian at all. )
  • 1(One) Para-Ordnance P14-45, named “Yuka” (originally a Colt M1911A, but the ammo capacity of the P14-45 won over.)
  • 1(One) Colt Python, named “Revolver Bunker”, modified to fit .454Casull rounds.
  • 1(One) Micro Uzi, unnamed.

In store:

  • 1(One) RPG-7. named “HamsterSaber” (don’t ask.)
  • Several AK47s
  • 1(One) M4A1 carbine, unnamed
  • guns too lazy to list here.


Seeing as this is a bit of a sticky situation here, let me lay down a few ground rules.

1. While I will tolerate it, it would be advisable to not link to warez/illegal stuff that assrape the Berne Convention/Tokyotosho and it’s merry friends, aka, Google the information yourself.

2. The next person asking where to download anything will get his comment edited. I’m serious about this.

3. If I forget to acknowledge the source of my pictures/do not know the source, please inform me as soon as possible, and if possible, with a link to the source.

Have a nice day. And respect the Berne Convention.

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