The Hamster’s Guide to Better Commenting for 2010

December 26, 2009 at 12:00 pm Leave a comment

In the hilarious parodial spirit of Christmas Boxing Day, spawned by this Colony Drop post (all valid, BTW), I am going to give out a few tips on how to comment better. Since it is apparent that SOME OF US can’t comment without triggering RAGE and HATE.

  • Proofread that comment:  No one likes bad spelling, misinformation and not knowing about what you’re writing in a post. The same can be applied to comments.
  • READ THAT POST: No seriously, don’t come barging in guns ablazing and RAGE Induced after the title and/or the paragraphs that interest you. Read the entire post in question before doing ANYTHING. This is IMPORTANT, and makes you look a little bit better.
  • Be Constructively Critical: Yes, criticism with a bit of sarcasm nowadays is considered trolling by most people, but seriously, if you can, be constructive with your criticism where applicable. Even if it gets rebuffed.
  • Don’t Go In With The Intention To Troll/Flame: If you’ve got nothing good to add to the comment pool, then shut yer trap. No one likes a fire starter or a troll. This is VERY IMPORTANT.
  • 4chan is The Anus Of The Internet Spawned By An Even Bigger Shithole, Why The Frag Are You Acting Like A Shithead And Talking Like A High-Functioning Retard: It goes without saying that one should cut down on the *chan speak. Even if it is relevant, DON’T. The exception in this blog is /tg/ related memes, but that’s because the owner is also a fa/tg/uy and a bit of a faggot.
  • Remember That You Represent Your Blog: When you comment, make a forum post somewhere on Animesuki or any famous animé board or even go Tripfagging on 4chan, remember that you are representing your blog. It is not kosher to make your name known for one thing and your blog for another. People will eventually put two and two together. Ensure consistency in your blogging and commenting and you WILL be respected. Unless you want to be known for being a total dickbutt.

I think I covered all the bases. Happy commenting in 2010, everyone, and I hope to see people commenting better.

(And yes, while this post is specifically aimed at certain people, it applies to absolutely everyone.)

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