12 Moments of Anime: Colony Drop

December 20, 2009 at 12:00 pm 1 comment


I am seriously conflicted with Colony Drop.

On one hand, they write so well, one could actually forgive them for actually trolling us (in as much as they do admit to trolling for the sake of hits).

They also believe in (what I hope is) leading by example. They call the entire ‘sphere utter trash, and proceed to show us how things are done. And quite simply put, THEY ARE. Which puts to shame a ton of people who write for the sake of trying to piss everyone off for MILES.

On the other hand, one of their members has a raging hardon for what I term being extremely combative and insulting. Picking fights when it doesn’t exist and whatnot. Especially when outside the CD blog. People rarely know this, but they are, in a way, ambassadors for what they believe in, at the very least. And this is especially so on the Internet.

And to be honest, they aren’t reaching out as much as I had hoped. I wish they commented more, but that’s another story.

Still, great writing is a good start to a lot of things, even if one of them is trying to use it to subtly attack people.

Compare with the OEG, who are simply picking fights over arbitrary definitions of a word and using that as an excuse to attack people for not living up to their standard.

If there’s only one thing to say about this, trolling is less of being critical, snarky and cynical; it’s about who is the biggest asshole on the Internet. Third-rate trolls wave their penis, while classier ones take the effort to create a fansubbing front to piss off people for YEARS before announcing their retirement, just to irk mainstream fans off while looking honourable in the meantime 1.

CD could be classified as one of the classier ones. Very classy ones at that.

1. For those of you utterly clueless about what I just said, I’m talking about Dattebayo Fansubs. For those of you who have yet to catch on, it’s staffed entirely by GNAA members. Or maybe not.

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  • 1. Martin  |  December 20, 2009 at 8:41 pm

    I believe in credit where credit’s due so I have commented on one or two of their posts that I enjoyed reading. Quite a bit of their writing is well-researched and insightful…hell, they wrote about Paprika, Gunbuster and First Squad with a quality of writing that any self-respecting review/analysis blog would be proud of.

    Which brings me to the downside. Not all anime fans are of the ignorant fanboy and fangirl variety; if they’re trying to piss off and/or educate these fans (not a bad motive in itself, I might add!) it tends to create bad feeling rather than resolve anything.

    I’m guessing their writers are of the older generation – a lot of fellow fans I know are also in this age group, but interestingly aren’t nearly as jaded. CD probably feel distanced from the community in more recent times and their disappointment at how their hobby’s fan culture has changed has left them embittered. But as you rightly point out, it really is one or two individuals more at fault.

    From a personal point of view I am in the older end of the age group so I can understand where they’re coming from with annoying younger fans (Narutards, etc.) but even so, they seem to forget that some of us are sensible adults who can think for ourselves – I find their trolling insulting to my intelligence more than anything.


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