Always late to the drama party: The fanart ethics trolling of wildarmsheero

August 5, 2009 at 7:01 pm 3 comments


I think we are all in agreement as to what we’re supposed to do when it comes to fanart, something I think wah would be relieved to know. Yes, we do agree that we all should cite the source of the pic, if only to avoid the hordes of  “sauce plox” that would happen should 4chan stumble upon our sites like rabid locusts to grain.

But unfortunately, what we do after agree with with wah is another matter altogether. Though I would really like it if the artists signed their works, like in the old days.

But unfortunately, the post really isn’t aimed at those who agree with wah. HURR HURR HURR.

Because if we all respect the creators, we’re not supposed to be offended by wah’s little troll effort (A++, WOULD GET TROLLED BY AGAIN), even tbhough I originally wanted to chastise wah for being elitist.

See, it’s more aimed to the likes of Sankaku Complex and people like Owen S. People who continually visit such sites and think they’re smarter/better than the rest of the community because of their inflated egos and/or need to raise their e-penis since they probably have a shitty life experience or just feel the need to misrepresent, oppress and/or otherwise be shitty trolls.

Yeah, I just called Owen a shitty troll. BTW, Sankaku Complex is also a tabloid. As opposd to a news site, which Artefact so odiously claims it is. No seriously, if you go to Sankaku Complex for reasons other than for the porn (which you can get if you do a little work), then my friend, you need a good dose of the BBC.


…Yeah, DarkMirage is a Piece Of Shit Too.

*waits for his defamation lawsuits and flaming to come.

Guess I didn’t have to break out the planetarian OST for this :3 Because when I do that, SHIT GETS SERIOUS. Fo realz.

Entry filed under: Bitching.

Fanservice, Redux A Midsummer’s Oblivion Recording of SHINING FINGER

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  • 1. serial  |  August 5, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    Oh, I do visit Sankaku, but I do it in full knowledge of it being a tabloid. In fact, that is THE reason I visit it.

    But then again, I do visit other sites to get my news. I visit Sankaku to see the comments, and laugh at them. Sure, Sankaku does have news… But more often than not, the news are either stupid, or not interesting, and the writing is far from the journalistic standards that one would consider appropriate for a news site.

    Do break out the Planetarian OST, man. We need shit to get even MORE SERIOUS, every now and then.

  • 2. Tyrenol  |  August 6, 2009 at 4:17 am

    Unfortunately, I still go to SankakuComplex. But only for the porn, mind you.

    Plus: I believe that the people who worry oh-so-much about their works being on other people’s sites without permission SHOULD NOT DRAW. AT ALL.



    CLAMP tried that. CLAMP sucks ASS nowadays.

    I’d love for less otaku elitism and e-penis pumping in the web world… 😦

  • 3. TP  |  August 6, 2009 at 8:26 am

    Let’s tl;dr, shall we, Drm? (Almost typed there “DM” which you hated to the core. :P)

    “…And in Hell, there is an army of fat German kids…”


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