Macross 7: THE 15 EPISODE MARK

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I have no idea why people NERD RAGE over Macross 7. It’s basically Overman King Gainer silly in it’s own little way, and IT’S TOTALLY AWESOME. EVEN MORE AWESOME THAN OVERMAN KING GAINER. Y U HAET MACROSS 7 T_T

Here’s a few pointers to ponder about:

  • Before one calls out Basara as selfish and flying out in the middle of a concert and pretty much ignoring the entire band, take a much closer look at how Ray Lovelock handles his prima-donna superstar. Yes, Basara does deserve some flak for doing what he does, but it takes an understanding leader and a totally awesome man to actually use that to his advantage. Of course, having military connections helps A LOT. And yes, while he still flies out in the middle of a concert, he knows he has his six covered.
  • Again, concerning Basara’s selfishness. Basara isn’t really driven my monetary success or recognition, but he does put in his all when it comes to the crunch. Or to the best of his ability. He’s also not afraid of playing for young children or old people. BUT HE DOES THE FUCKING TSUNDERE ROUTINE 😦 TSUNDERE FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF WHY KAWAMORI WHY TSUNDERE
  • Again on Basara’s selfishness? Yes, as compared to Mylene. She wants Fire Bomber to be a commercial success, while Basara cares nothing for recognition or monetary gain. One is so focused on his conviction and the other is obsessed with being popular. Even if she does mean well. And no, they don’t see eye to eye. That makes for great drama, but shows how selfish BOTH are (No both don’t attempt to understand each other). Guess that’s why Ray is the leader and lets Basara THINKS he’s the leader 😛
  • Max and Millia: Totally still have the hots for each other, despite being totally estranged. Or maybe I’m just reading the signals wrong.
  • Gamlin’s disgust about rock music is understandable, considering that MYLENE LIED TO HIM and BASARA GETS IN HIS WAY ALL THE TIME. But he is so dapper and awesome. SO DAPPER. SO VERY DAPPER.
  • Millia Farina Jenius: Caring mother, totally awesome ace pilot, and the best Mayor any Macross Colonization Fleet could ever have. Glass and his slightly more capable successor can’t hold a candle to the mayor who FLIES INTO BATTLE TO SAVE THE CITY. You heard that right.
  • I got nothing on Max yet. But he’s supposed to be OLD OLD MAN and he’s surrounded by HOT LADYEES and then we have SEVEN BRIDGE. Is he supposed to be 51?
  • Basara may seem like a prima-donna, but for Pete’s sake, Episode 14. CHILDREN ARE IN DANGER OF BEING OMNOMNOM’D BY SPESS FAE THAT DINE ON VIRTUES. He knows. He cares. And he still manages to do his thing.
  • Basara haet violence. He punched the SPESS FAE that made him shoot his missiles. He’d rather ORE NO UTAU NO KIKE than BLAM BLAM BLAM.
  • And yes, while the Koenig Monster is plain awesome from a combat perspective, it’s shit for urban combat. Just like how you use MRAPs  (mine/IED-resistant vehicles) and light aircraft for COIN (counter-insurgency) to fight the enemy in a highly urban environment, and NOT TANKS.
  • Have I mentioned how Ray is totally awesome? No? Then let’s repeat. RAY LOVELOCK IS TOTALLY AWESOME.
  • Yes, it’s possible to sing in ANY situation. Even ones where you’re going to die. Don’t attempt to try this though, not many people have something to sing about.
  • Mylene is superior. Even to the so-called legendary Lynn Minmei. I’m sorry folks, Mylene is just that good. Ranka and Sheryl do come in as close seconds, though.

Is it a bad thing to like Macross 7 despite people not liking for stupid reasons? I dunno, though, this show blows my mind (in the best possible way without the need to resort to bullets :P)

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