Guts loves moé, world in shock

December 12, 2008 at 5:41 pm Leave a comment

– With additional reporting by a Poring

Berserk mangaka Miura Kentaro has admitted to what could possibly be the defining moment in his epic manly career in drawing overly-muscled men with giant, physics-defying swords doing manly things that no man could ever do. Or want to do, for that matter.

He has admitted to liking the current wave of moé. Oh SHIT.

Reports have been coming in hard and fast (like cocks to my ass LOL), as the famed Beserk mangaka comments on the ending of his favorite THE IDOLM@STER nico series and has decided to buy THE IDOLM@STER for the XBOX 360, furthering rumors that the next Berserk game will be on the XBOX 360, as opposed to the highly unpopular and failure of a console (in the Japanese context) PS3, or the globally popular but gimmicky Wii.

There was also mention of him talking about Hatsune Miku, but no one can really confirm the existence of this report. It is assumed that said report took the form of a loli and ran.

Some other guy has declared death to shonen fighting and that other junk, but his junk was kicked WITH SHEER MANLINESS by a passing Gurren-Lagann. Some eyewitnesses also saw said giant robot flavor du jour sticking it in his pooper, but as we all know, it could have been Cthuhlu-tan (not pictured for your safety) tentacleraping the poor man. Of course he’d like it. The sick fiend.

Meanwhile, Cthuhlu-tan (not pictured for your safety) still sleeps in Ry’leh, dreaming of the day she’d tentaclerape the everliving fuck out of a thousand Japanese schoolgirls (not pictured for your safety). And take over the world with vids of said tentaclerape. Or something. Something tells me Abdul Alhazred was a pedo.

Drm note: If you can’t tell that I’m making things up, go read THE ONION.

Entry filed under: WTF.

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