Soldiers and mental bandwidth

November 7, 2008 at 9:32 pm Leave a comment

Dear zaitcev,

I believe you are/were a soldier. So you should know what I’m talking about.

All soldiers are forced, from basic training, to notice a ton of information, regardless of mental bandwidth. The number of bullets in his magazine, the guy beside him, the location and distance of the shot that was just fired, where the enemy is, how detectable he is…

This is a lot of information. And most soldiers are forced to absorb the information to make decisions that would save lives. And make the poor bastards at the business end of his weapon die for their country. Most soldiers have a very limited amount of mental bandwidth. And they are sometimes forced to take in all this information every single day. Sometimes without rest.

Sure, you say that they are trained to do this, but training only automates some of the things. You’d still have to absorb the information from your surroundings at that point in time, and no amount of training will let you anticipate what sort of information will come through.

It’s called situational awareness, and it’s not confined to soldiers. Seamen and fighter pilots need it too. That’s why some of us can watch subs and not feel too fatigued.

Though on the topic of rewatching a show, well…

Let’s just say the more you like a show, the more you’d rewatch it. I could rewatch Ayashi no Ceres and I’d still find it mindblowingly awesome. Yes I am a loser like that.

Also, I just noticed that most animé has absoultely shitty camera shots. Take Akane Iro for example. Why would anyone focus on the BOOBS of the girls when it’s pretty clear she’s talking? Or at her skirt? Or on the pantyshots? (not in Akairo. Yet.)

Though I’m not complaining too much. I’m enjoying the shows, shitty camera shots and all. Clannad is still absolutely goregous.

I do agree with Lupus that subs can be a tad distracting. But you have to reorient your brain to absorb the information, though.

In my defense, that Elf Child was worshipping an evil being. He was CLEARLY EVIL.

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BREAKING NEWS: Danny Choo calls Impz. LULZ.

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