Adressing hate, and Love, for otaku Part 2 – Ramifications and resolutions

April 4, 2008 at 11:00 pm 1 comment

Picking off from yesterday…

There are some, ahem, remifications to such behavior. The most telling is the dwindling supply of quality products to enjoy.

When people can grab what they like online and for free, weird things happen. One of them is that money slowly becomes an issue. People have gotta eat, ya know. In order to get such a precious resource up, they resort to sellable but lower quality products. Things that make customers rather unhappy. As the available pool of money gets lower, they have to cut staff. Less staff means less costs. Which also means more money for new projects. But more people will complain more, screaming about the lack of quality and stuff.  And that means more people grabbing stuff from the Internet. Soon, they will have to cut projects until there’s no more projects to be done or the company has to close down.

It’s slowly happening to animé in particular. At least for videogames, there are free stuff being made to keep us distracted (DWARF FORTRESS ROCKS), and valve’s Steam provides quality entertainment at a somewhat affordable cost.

Another consequence of such behavior is the stuff we see daily on the Internet. Elitism, flamewars, etc. Of course everyone knows abut such things so I’ll not cover it.

Well we all know being a jerk IRL does not net you any friends so why not apply the same principle HERE, ON THE INTERNETS?

It’s not very hard really. A kind word here, not flaming too much, being friendly to the natives… True, the hits and e-penis will not grow but at least your Internet life will be a whole lot more peaceful. And anything people accidently make a joke about, no one will be too inclined to turn it into an embarrassing epic meme to be remembered for as long the community stands, eh?

Hey being kind to people does work1 Dpn’t look at me all funny.

Entry filed under: Week of love.

No seriously, these awesome news must stop rocking my soul in the middle of hippie week. The path of hate – where did it all began?

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  • 1. Tyrenol  |  April 5, 2008 at 6:22 am

    You’re hitting the nails on them heads, Drmchsr Zero.


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