Adressing hate, and Love, for otaku Part 1 – NERD RAGE against other fans, companies, and the like.

April 3, 2008 at 11:19 pm 1 comment

I’ve always pondered upon the question as to why people tend to hate one another when it is apparent they love the same things? Be it the EPL, religion (Christianity in general has a ton of hate in itself, what with the different denominations and all), or even Star Wars, you find the same sort of political backstabbing and hierarchy-assertion in the confines of Internet messageboards, blogs, and the like. (4chan is spared from all this junk, but then again, 4chan is a cesspool of hate and loathing by itself, so…)It’s interesting to note that people have had the same experiences I did, online, as well in real life.

But what drives people to pull off such nasty things? Affirmation of self-worth? Being a jerk gives them endorphins? They’ve been scammed into Scientology? They need e-blowjobs?

Actually, it’s pretty simple: Flawed, totally evil humans, looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places, and trying to measure success by worldly achievements in order to gain acceptance. If you ask me, that’s pretty much acting like a Pharisee or a Sadducee.

One of the issues Jesus had with the Pharisees and Sadducees in His time was that they were too busy comparing their own worth in their own eyes to care for the people who really needed it. It is also the same issue I have with the majority of the Internet today. Instead of fostering communication and goodwill with all people of common interests, we are too busy picking fights over who has the bigger E-PENIS. Yes, that’s right. We are too busy comparing our own achievements in worldly terms instead of fostering friendship. Gee thanks Internet! You made me see one reason why we aren’t taken seriously OR as a force for good! (4chan notwithstanding. Anon vs Scientology was a masterstroke and an example we can all learn from.)

And then there are those who harbor nothing but contempt against corporations. Be it anti-elitism, jealousy, petty pride, things like quality and customer support, or even a snubbed ego, people will justify ANY reason to hate on corporations.

And why is that? In most of the cases, it’s a sense of self-entitlement. Or to put it in simple terms, GREED. Yes, there are palpable and valid reasons to hate a corporation (dissatisfaction of services received, or goods not up to standard) and I can understand if you hate Microsoft for their bad business decisions, or Creative for forgoing the customer for short-term financial gain, but when it comes to things like music, games, animé, manga and the like, it’s not how the company treats the product or the customer, or something trivial that the masses use to justify their hate.

In this case, it’s a matter of the consumer’s GREED, or sense of entitlement when it comes to goods. “Why should I wait for x period of time when the other guy can get it now?” is one argument I’m hearing from one side of the pond. “Why should I pay for things if I can get them for FREE?” is the other argument I hear. It’s not love talking here, it’s selfishness and greed talking.

Geez I know it’s supposed to be a week of love I’m plowing through here but… some things have to be told. Love is not just about warm fuzzies and hugs all the time. Love is also about making who you love realize that they need help.

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  • 1. Rooked  |  April 4, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    Hiya, new here but all your biblical references and moral posts caught my eye.

    I’ll totally agree on the greed and selfishness of individuals in human society, developed or not. The internet is an interesting factor, I find the underlying motives that move people in online communities differ greatly from those in real life.

    Where real life may be more self preservation selfish, the internet is more along the lines of social status and fame, selfish. Well, that’s all there is in online communities I suppose, no need to support a physical body, or a family of them.

    All this selfishness is grouped under human nature isn’t it? What you’re doing may be greed/selfish in the eyes of some or just common sense to others. In a way it’s all subjective, hah.


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