The actual CLANNAD review

March 28, 2008 at 1:14 am 4 comments

The other CLANNAD review was meant to be a bit of a joke. No srsly, I did that one for the lulz. And lulz was had.

But since Apparently CLANNAD is SERIOUS BUSINESS, I need to have a serious review, or else people are going to think I am some crazed fanboy (crazed yes, fanboy, a lot less so.). Why? because CLANNAD is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Also coincides with the announcement that After Story is being animated, and the fact that I’m waiting for that really awful Magical Heart Kokoro-Chan OVA to arrive (I’m giving my first impression of it by the OP, and holy nuclear facepalms, that is one OP destined for EPIC FAILANDIA.).

CLANNAD is a very beautiful animated series. From the first episode to the last (of Season 1, DUH), the first and most significant thing I noticed was that it was very beautiful. And it’s not just the looks, that much I can say.

But if we’re going to talk about the visuals, then yes, CLANNAD is rather pretty visually. I’ve got not much to say about the visuals, it’s mostly excellent KyoAni work, so not much to write about if you’re not interested in fanboy screaming.

The main draw of CLANNAD is in the story. In this case, there’s a whole lot of ground to cover, and you do not have a lot of time to cover them all. The original visual novel is pretty likable, I mean, I have yet to hear anyone complain about CLANNAD, so there’s nothing wrong in THAT department. But we’re not talking about the original visual novel, so we’ll wait until I play through the game for that review.

The way KyoAni adapted the game for the show, well, it’s a work of art. Really beautiful, extremely well-executed, even up to the end. Classic KyoAni work. You’ll never find screenplay more beautiful, an ending so fitting. Gurren Lagann is probably it’s equal in that sense.

But like any great work of art, there will always be criticisms. And even I have to admit, CLANNAD has a few flaws, and most of them could distract the casual viewer from noticing the raw beauty of this series. Fuuko’s and Kotomi’s arcs took way too long. Fuuko has overstayed her welcome (Yes she has!). They cut out Misae’s (Fairly unimportant, but I really wanted to see epic tears), Sanae’s (mildly unforgivable), Ryou’s (okay, this is rather unforgivable) and Yukine’s (I know she’s irrevelant to the real story, but… T_T) paths. No Kyou and Tomoyo paths, and they didn’t wrap up all the loose ends with Kyou and Ryou. The ending was a bit weak. Yes, even I felt the ending was a bit weak. It could have ended on a stronger note, but that would man giving the finger to After Story, and that is an even more unforgivable crime than not covering Yukine more. And even I felt at times, the show was getting boring. Hey, it does happen.

Right after I thought that the ending was a bit weak, it hit me. Watching Nagisa and Tomoya affirming their feelings, it made me realize I was looking at it through the wrong side of the telescope. It wasn’t about the individual flaws that shows up in the show, it’s to be expected in anything made by human hands. It’s about how you see the series as a whole, and looking back at how much I enjoyed the whole 22 episodes, from the laughs, to the tears, and everything in between, what I was really looking at was a glimpse of the way we were supposed to see everything.

True, even the most beautiful thing has flaws, but even then, are you willing to look past the flaws to see the hidden beauty inside? Because some series are actually unpolished diamonds, waiting for the viewer to find it and polish it. Not all series have it though. Gurren Lagann is like a polished diamond in the rough. Eva is ugly through and through, no matter hw many remakes it has. Haa Roo Hay, eh, it’s closer to a semi-precious stone.

My point stands, though. CLANNAD is still beautiful, if only in my eyes. And well, I actually enjoyed my time with the show. I haven’t enjoyed myself this much since Gurren Lagann or Overman King Gainer.

Hey, I’m not asking anyone to change their opinions, I’m just asking everyone to give CLANNAD another chance. I mean, if we can have CERTAIN people (no I did not just flame Kurogane, so put down your pitchforks and torches and whatnot.) idiotically fanboying True Tears to the point of hyping it like Haa Roo Hay, and I’ll actually give it the full treatment, why not give CLANNAD a second chance?

I mean, since we all know that After story is being (or going to be) animated, shouldn’t we be glad that KyoAni is saving the best for another season and appreciate CLANNAD more instead?


PPS: If both episodes are the Sunohara BAD END route, then WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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An epic CLANNAD review flies in through YOUR window. I nuclear facepalmed. Hard. And then I lol’d. Harder.

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  • 1. serial  |  March 28, 2008 at 1:37 am

    CLANNAD blew me off the ground. Literally. My family gave me some weird looks, trying to understand how I managed to stay afloat 5 cm above the floor.

    In all seriousness, It was one hell of a ride. I agree with your statements regarding the story (I don’t mind the Kotomi arc because it was funny, but still, considering Fuuko’s arc length…), and I also wanted more Yukine, but considering the amount of things they had to work with, fitting as most as possible of the School Story in a 22 episode Anime is already a task of epic proportions. That KyoAni succeeded with honors means a lot, and that they managed to adapt those great game moments into great anime moments and even improve on some of them should be applauded.
    True Tears keeps me on the edge because it’s damn good drama, but that’s about it. CLANNAD kept me there because it warms up a bit the little, old, cold bastard who hates the world that lives inside my brain. That alone is worth it.

    What I want for the other two episodes:
    a) I think the Summer episode will be a sort of mix of many things. “Sunohara Forever” will probably be a dream sequence (Hopefully, they will include that part in which they have to plug-in the TV and Videogame. LOL!), and everything else will be things from the game that could’ve fit in the normal season.
    b) The 24th episode will probably be QUITE similar. I hope it includes Yukine’s story! Because YUKINE IS TOTALLY AWESOME!

  • 2. totali  |  March 28, 2008 at 5:18 am

    I liked the other review better.

  • 3. Tyrenol  |  March 28, 2008 at 11:20 am

    KyotoAnimu can animate their collective selves from out of a paper bag. We all know that, Derm Chessor Zero. Thanks for sharing.

    They proved it by beautifully animating Tomoyo as she Chun-Li-ed Youhei’s sorry behind way past KO status.

    And I, being a critic and all, believe that we have it all wrong with KyotoAnimu’s story-telling capabilities; they’re NOT the best story-tellers. That title belongs to Gonzo and G.D.H. alone.

    Nobody here watched any of their Gonzo works? Chrono Crusade? Trinity Blood? Hellsing? Black Cat? Glass Fleet? (I’ll even go as far as to say) Afro Samurai (only because Samuel Jackson stars in it)?

    Or maybe that’s it. Anime based on visual novels (which then become “animu”) seem to have the potential of OWNing everyone outside of Japan if only it didn’t play the “loser guy who gets beatened up by women” card. That “blade stuck in the snow and covered with blood” looked real tasty, didn’t it?

  • 4. Ex-Fansubber ひとり言 » Clannad - 23  |  March 29, 2008 at 11:39 am

    […] drmchsr0 must be wetting his pants after seeing Seen666 […]


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