I nuclear facepalmed. Hard. And then I lol’d. Harder.

March 28, 2008 at 3:30 pm 2 comments

From the creator of School Days And Summer Days (and the animated series) comes… … …

A chainsaw-wielding giant robot that is being controlled by a loli and her pretty, but absolutely deranged older sister with knockers the size of baby bears. With nipple controllers. Yes, you heard me right.

Their enemy? A loli (yes, for some reason, it’s always a loli) wearing what seems to be the wizard suit (worn by Raquel duh) from Scrapped Princess. my guess is that her motivation is her bust size. (IT’S OKAY SETSUNA-CHAN WE STILL LOEV YOUR DELICIOUS FLAT CHEST).

Clocking in at a whopping 24 minutes and 55 seconds, this comedic trainwreck of a magical girl show, entitled “Magical Heart Kokoro-chan” leaves little to the mind about who is the loliriffic Magical Girl. Almost as destructive an the White Devil herself and surrounded by people who obviously need therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder related to school relationships, she does her best to defend her city AND hold a steady job at the same time, all while trying to dodge the lecherous eyes of Itou Makoto himself, that sick nutjob. I bet he likes cosplay rape too, that sicko.

The show itself is in a nutshell, horrible, hilarious, and chock full of fanservice. I mean, naked females and actual nipples. I kid you not. There were nipples. Gee thanks 0verflow, I didn’t want to see that.

Horrible, yes. I nuclear facepalmed a few times while watching the show. While not reaching the point that it becomes epic fail, it still feels like a D-Grade horror movie on crack. How did funding for this show get approved? No sane director would have approved of this. Unless it’s JAPAN. Yeah, I should have guessed as much.

Funny, yes. And it’s most probably the most redeeming point of the show. Chock full of references and even the NICE BOAT meme at the end, man, one could even begin to fathom to think of forgiving the show for being like a horrible D-grade horror show on crack. I mean, MAGICAL HEART IS A FRIGGEN PRETTY CURE RIPOFF. FRIGGEN PRETTY CURE. A KID’S ANIMATED SERIES IN JAPAN.

Is this watchable, you ask? I’m fairly tempted to say no, but yes, it does have this trainwreck-like quality that made School Days so watchable. Only with more funny and fanservice.

Excuse me. I feel the urge to cleanse, purge and kill. Probably not in that order.

tl;dr: I nuclear facepalmed. Hard. And then I lol’d. Harder.

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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. The Animanachronism  |  March 28, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    I’d watch it, but I’m hunting the file at the moment.

  • 2. nu  |  March 29, 2008 at 3:47 am

    setsuna is neither a loli nor does she has a delicious flat chest lol. ULTIMA FAIL GET for you dude


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