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It is amusing to read, sometimes, how people pin their all too human hopes on either fictional characters, masterwork idols, or even fallible human beings. It doesn’t matter whether you are the cream of the crop or the bottom of the trash heap, people around the world pin their humanist hopes and dreams for a better future on maybes, somewhats, and probabilities. It’s a rather amusing form of idolatry, really.

What’s even more amusing is this: These people turn to the what-ifs and maybes the world provides, instead of realizing that they are indeed saved from sin and this amusing idolatry.

Today is Easter. Not the corrupted bunny with an egg fetish mutant of a capitalist event, that one is merely an excuse to sell chocolates and give us all sore throats. I’m talking about the real event, the one that happened over 2000 years ago, where a rather special man was nailed to a tree for supposed blasphemy. And then he died, but got better. A lot better. In fact, he became so healthy, people till this day still do not believe it.

I’m talking about Jesus here. Son of Man and Son of God, King of Kings, the Messiah, Shiloh, the Lamb of God, [insert name here].

So, Jesus. We Christians attach “Christ” behind his name. Why do we hold Good Friday and Easter with such regard, respect and hope?  It’s rather strange for a group of people to revere a succession of days where this special man died, yes? Actually, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

You might wonder: Why did Jesus die? Did he die for a purpose? Was he a failed rebel? What could move a man to die for the world? And why would anyone dare to pin their hopes on His death? Such questions have boggled man for centuries. Heck, it puzzles me sometimes too.

We know this much. Jesus was not a rebel. He knew that he was to die. Even the knowledge of this overwhelmed the messiah. He prayed to God to take away the bitter cup meant for him, if it was His will. Shocking, is it not, to realize that the Messiah was not all that willing in the first place. We all know what happened after this. Shocking betrayal, shocking hate, and then Jesus was nailed to the Cross at Golgotha. Where he was mocked by the people he was saving.

What could move a man to endure such inhuman humiliation, pain and finally, death? Indeed, why did Jesus utter “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they have done?”?  would you believe that Jesus loved us so much he was willing to die for us? Yes, it was love that drove Jesus to the Cross. It was also Love that made God send down Jesus to die for our sins.

Yes. Up there, higher than the stars and the sky, is an Entity so powerful, so omniscient, and so full of love, He could not bear to smite down His beloved creation, even though he could have (and did so a few times in the past. Satan was a bad boy.). Instead, he sent down Jesus, who died on the Cross for our sins, and rose again on the thrird day to give us all the hope of eternal life, should we believe in him. Would Suzumiya Haruhi dare do such a thing? Would she?

Fellow readers, it is still not too late. God’s greatest gift to you does not require anything special. All you need to do is ask Jesus to come into your heart. Cheesy and incredulous yes. Is there a catch? Yeah, sort of. Once you believe, you’re no longer allowed to act like you were before. You are now held accountable to God for your actions, whether good or bad. Even though you believe, you will still face temptations, but if you truly believe, you will be able to overcome these temptations.

I’m not guaranteeing a bed of roses here. To earn the true liberty and peace that comes with the package, you gotta work for it.

But I’m pulling away from the message. God still loves us so, even if all we do is break His heart over and over. He still waits for for us to accept His gift and be one with Him. He’s still waiting. It doesn’t matter if you have done wrong, or are faultless. He loves us so because of who we are, not what we have done.

If you’ve managed to get this far, I’m surprised. I’m not very good at this. Well, at least let what you’ve read digest in your head. No one is forcing you to make the decision now. Ponder about it. Think hard, and search the truth.

I hope that everyone will mak ethe right choice.

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  • 2. Funnibunney  |  March 24, 2008 at 2:38 am

    The LORD is risen.

    The LORD is risen indeed.


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