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September 11, 2007 at 12:00 pm 3 comments

Let’s get all the swearing and hate-filled thoughts out of the way first because no one likes to see a f-bomb in the middle of a nice sane rant, yes?

To Gippy: Well that speaks volumes of your maturity, you fucking Canuck. Dan Kim is so much better than you, you pretentious twat. FUCK YOU. (PS Dan Kim is a winner)

To the TL team: FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU AND YOUR MORAL HIGH HORSE OH AND GO FUCK THE HORSE (And for all you fucking furries and animal fetishers out there, go fuck a horse! Or a cow! Or something. I don’t know, Would YOU like to stick your penis in a hamster?)

I’m still not feeling any better but I’m going on with the sane rant anyway.

Or I could cop out and link my previous articles.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Rants have to be fresh! No need for stale goods, it has to be fresh. (LOL WALL OF TEXT AHOY)

… … …Seriously, do we have to go through this all over again? First it was friggin’ ~planetarian~, then Wind, and now To Heart 2? Man, the amount of idiocy and drama it generates may be beneficial to a lot of people’s hits, but really…

Gip, I have to say this, but you’re just as immature, IF NOT MORE, than the TH2 team. Coming around and bashing them as an excuse to air your hate-filled opinions about VisualNews makes you just as immature, IF NOT MORE, than the TH2 Team. Doesn’t matter even if you don’t have swear words or anything. Your words are clearly fact that you are immature, IF NOT MORE, than 4chan or the TH2 team.

Evidence the first:

And that is why the Gemot ( message board) is the cesspool of elitism. It’s full of people who know Japanese, post anonymously in said language to maintain their erections, and rub it in the faces of the less fortunate. They can’t do that in 2ch because posting in Japanese there wouldn’t be anything special, would it? The fact that the administrator (Misu) hasn’t cleaned up the place speaks volumes about his leadership. That, compounded with the fact that started the whole mess last summer, is why we’re severing ties with them and choosing another host for our next release.

NNL could easily post all of our updates in Japanese. However, we all know how ridiculous that would be. We’re more down-to-earth than that.

This was found in his rant about the TH2 Patch. I’m probably really bad at analyzing this, but yeah, this speaks volumes about his supposed maturity and tact. I don’t care if everyone is entitled to an opinion or not, stuff like this makes me sick to the stomach. And that is why even if I have to translate a visual novel, it’ll be people like GIPFACE and OLF DE LOL that’ll make me consider carefully how I want to release the patch. Yes, Gip, the mere thought of such a pompous oaf like you, and the faggot known as Olf de lol who hates all things English VN-related, taking something I HELPED TRANSLATE and USING IT sends not just SHIVERS, but MASSIVE EARTHQUAKES OF FEAR AND FAILURE down MY SPINE.

Evidence the second:

the Gemot would be a very lightly moderated forum.
Good. Then you won’t mind if I reply to this Mother Hubbard.

My my, have I made the natives restless? omgwtflolz, you’re not approaching Olf and kj1980 on the supah-pompous scale, but you are getting there.

Let’s see. Including these two anonymous posts because you’re too much of a lazy bunkum to login, you have 221 posts. I don’t believe that this board has been around for more than 18 years, if going by your claim of “one post per month.”

if any one of those 100 visitors were from Hongfire, 4chan, or any other major blogger out there who decided to post this on their internet medium, the results would have probably been the same.
Not really. A news portal holds much more weight than a random poster since any random poster can make anything up.

To go into mockery and absurdity, attack others, and lash out at people for whatever reason, doesn’t help anyone or get anywhere.
O RLY? When a newbie comes in here and asks about something, they are given a stock answer of “learn Japanese”, “no one is going to help you”, and “that game is too old anyway”. Or even better, an anonymous person retorts in Japanese in an attempt to chase the poor chap away.

The Gemot is full of this, and if you think otherwise, you’re blind. It makes no difference that I posted my views on my own personal site or the forum.

EDIT: Oh, and it makes me giggle that you check out NNL regularly of all places. Didn’t know you were a closet fan. Hah. That makes me feel better than any counterattack you can provide. Keep visiting. ;p

You’re the blind one, Gip. Your hatred has made you blind to all the good things the Gemot has done.

And as for the TH2 Team shame on you. An immature decision based on immature behavior. Stooping down to their level makes you either as immature as your detractors or attention whores. I’m thinking you’re both. Oh, and locking down the forum to hide your words and all the evidence ain’t helping your image, either. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Even if I do know where you’re coming from, your actions leave much to be desired.

I’ve been with the English VN community for a fair amount of time, I’ve seen the birth of al|together, was a betatester for the Tsukihime English Patch, faced off with gp32 and lived to tell the tale and I’ve met a lot of really nice people (Revolve/Mirror Moon, the people at #sm, most of the English TYPE-MOON community), and I gotta say this: people like Gipface and the TH2 team make me question why do I do this. No one appreciates the work most of us do, our releases get bashed on endlessly by people who want to see us dead (not literally, of course), people flame us endlessly, people go on about ‘ethics’ and stuff when it doesn’t matter…

And why do we do this? Because we love the games and we want to let people know how great they are. In a sense, we’re like the fansubbers of the early days when animé was pretty much an unknown entity in America and the world. And I don’t care how anyone sees me. I’m doing good, well at least in my head, and I’ll let God judge my actions. If they are wrong, I’ll get my just desserts.

First bloody Singapore and now this. If this doesn’t turn me extremely bitter, hostile and downright homicidal, it’ll be the next dramabomb event that’ll push me over the edge.

Oh for what we are about to face, let us truly be thankful.


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I promised drama, and here it comes, like an Act of DARWIN, LOL The To Heart 2 translation does not exist. YA RLY.

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Ronin  |  September 11, 2007 at 2:19 pm

    So much for civility, huh? :V

  • 2. drmchsr0  |  September 11, 2007 at 3:00 pm

    Don’t have to be civil to people who don’t bother to be civil, is what I say.

  • 3. Demian  |  September 12, 2007 at 8:54 am

    I’m prepared to just forget the english translation scene entirely. The few good people are just vastly outnumbered by this idiotic hoarde. I’m tired of getting my hopes up to see them be squashed by some idiotic twat who says he’s developed a conscience all of a sudden. Wake me up when the next FSN patch comes out so I can actually thank someone who does good work.


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