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August 26, 2007 at 3:24 pm Leave a comment

I’m seriously running out of witty (or lack of, thereof) titles.

But this isn’t about my creative slump, or about my lack of wit (Yes I know my wit is as sharp as a bowling ball and  as stale as week-old bread, so can it or I tell the world you wank to self-admission of shortcomings :P). It’s about the Bible being retold using manga. (ANN link here, original news thread in here.)

Quite frankly, I know and am keenly aware about how Christianity has yet to take root in Japan. And I know how hard it is for missionaries to preach the Good Word in Japan, especially since Japan is extremely deep-rooted in polytheism (Shinto beliefs, basically says there are 8 million gods, one for each and every thing.) , and that’s one of the reasons why Japan isn’t that receptive to the Word.

Heck, Christian or not, I think it’s a wonderful to finally see the Bible getting a spankin’ new upgrade. There’s only so much theologians, translators, and editors can do to refine the Bible, and frankly, reading words isn’t all that useful to most people nowadays. Especially since people have extremely short attention spans today, and most of them wouldn’t be hooked on some of the more, errrr, theological issues.

It’s even more important now, post Da Vinci Code (boy that was a lousy novel, Christian and secular critics agree, it is one lousy novel), since people now are even more wary of anything they read or hear.

Though I wonder, how the heck are they going to portray stuff like the Psalms? Sure, it’s easy to do the big events and all, and with a bit of creativity the Pauline Epistles and the rest of the New Testament can be brought to life (kinda), but what about books like the Psalms, or Ecclesiastes? Wait, I just answered my own question. Silly me.

Long story short: Manga Messiah is a radically good idea, if they don’t try to pussyfoot it through the brutal parts where God rains thunder, hellfire and the like. This is the best kick in the shins this religion needs, by gum.

Entry filed under: Christianity and Anime.

And yes, if you don’t believe bj0rn is crazy, I can back that up. You put some Phantasy Star in my cartography! No, you put some cartography in MAH PHANTASY STAR.

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