I must go kill myself right now.

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Drm Note: Yeth, this would most probably be a month late, but hey, I have my morals, and I’m not going to let anything get in the way. Also, yeah, I really feel like killing myself.

Uh, okay, so I am playing Yume Miru Kusiri – Something about morphine.  Install, boot, eh…

(Please note I am on Aeka’s path for this run. There is no way I’ll deal with Nekoko, I’d probably rofl my butt off, I do hear Nekoko has some TYPE-MOON-class bad ends.)

Oh dear Lord… forgive me for taking your name in vain, but the sex scenes made me go WTF and I must go kill myself right now.And that’s just the first two. And there will be a lot more. I feel like the lowest form of human in the world.

Well, I’ll dispense with the comparison-talk and tell it straight: Aeka IS Shiori, sans the crippling illness. Floogin’ blanket and all. And yes, all the “You get to screw a girl on her Linus blanket” jokes can be used here. And then you will assume the foetal position and shudder VIOLENTLY.

And why do I say that? Because what we are doing is basically taking advantage of a woman/girl desperate for some attention and love. It is a most sickening thing, taking advantage of a girl’s feelings, and even if it was done with wholly good intentions, it will bother me. A lot.

And well, regarding the whole bullying schtick, it’s a big problem here. It’s quite uncontrollable, because the teachers don’t really care about it. From physical intimidation to online slander… Yeah. It’s something no one pays full attention because they delude themselves that it either does not exist, or it does not concern them. It’s so bad, I consider schools to be unconsciously ‘teaching’ hate, in addition to the subjects they usually teach.

Why do I say that? It’s because hate is taught, not inherited. And the schools are doing a fine job ‘teaching’ hate. Aeka’s treatment in school is a mirror into our own world. Now, while I have been less than fortunate to have witnessed bullying in action, I have been a bully, and a target for hate. To be honest, it was rather childish of me to pick on a fat kid when I was young, but he eventually did forgive me, and we got along fairly well until we parted ways. As for being a target of bullying, it was horrible. I was picked on in primary school, and again in secondary school. And believe me, it sucked. To be a target for unmitigated hate is a horrible thing.Online bullying? Yeah I’ve been through that. Unlike most people, I was born a warrior, and I really never gave up, though my negative feelings did get channeled into rage and I caused a lot of trouble because of that.

I have tried my best, in the past, to stop bullying in whatever way I coulld. It is a horrible thing, and it should be stopped. If we are to pass down a legacy of hate to our next generation, it is one of the lousiest legacies to leave behind. It does not bode well for humanity as it has already manifesteditself in many places.

No I am not done with the game, I am at the second sex scene, and I am still weirded out with the desperation and the sex and the…  I think I must go play Marip-


*assumes the foetal position and shakes VIOLENTLY (Fr those who do not know, Marippy is a Touhou mod of the NES game Mappy, and it features an obsessed Alice who FONDLES Marisa’s things and her in the game-over screen. It is cute, but it gives certain people nightmares.)

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No seriously, this is epic lulz. Fulla lulz

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