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Touhou 10 is hard work 😦

And I haven’t got to the SUPER YOUKAI WARHEAD, who is absolutely moé and stuff.

Actually, I liked the Stage 2 Boss more :V

So, enough ranting, time to talk about Touhou 10.

Story: So yeah, the Hakurei is getting less and less worshippers (Well, if you have LOL MOONPRINCESSES and LOL LUNARIANS and LOL GHOSTPRINCESSES and LOL LOLIVAMPIRES, though I think everyone is gay for Reimu and the situation should be in reverse). For a shrine, this is a bad thing, so some weird god dude says I’ll make the shrine have lots or faith or you will close it down lol. Reimu, smelling something fishy, goes out to kick that snotty dude’s butt and drags Marisa along with her. (Officially, Marisa was curious as to why Reimu was locking up the shrine and all, but this explanation is much funnier).

Gameplay: Like most of the Touhou series, you’re shooting at stuff. Lots of stuff.That may or may not shoot streams of bullets at you. And at the middle and end of a stage you fight a boss character who fires dangerously elaborate streams of bullets. Oh, did I mention that these bullets travel a lot faster than the usual Touhou game?

Bombs? What bombs? You get no stinkin’ bombs here! You get OPTIONS, ala Graduis! You can detonate one of them to clear bullets and harm enemies, like in PoFV! But your firepower weakens a bit. (THIS AIN’T YOUR MOTHER’S TOUHOU)

Characters: Only two playable this time round, Reimu and Marisa. Each of them have three forms.

Hakurei Reimu – Shrine Maiden of paradise, armpit miko, ZOMBIE D:
You know her. The poor shrine maiden with the wonderful armpits. 100000 yen treatment notwithstanding. She’s a lot faster this time round.

Reimu A: The lol nub form. Homing shots that deal little damage. Great for people new to Touhou. But you’ll want to switch to something with better damage.

Reimu B: The lol damage form. Great for attacking bosses with, due to the high damage.

Reimu C: The LOL REIMU WANTS SECHZ form. Spread shot? Why, ZUN, why? Why is Reimu C lacking in damage?

Kirisame Marisa – An Ordinary Magician
Wait, Ordinary? What?

Marisa A: OPTIONS MARISA. The best character in the game. Versatile Options and what not. Though Reimu B beats it in offensive power.

Marisa B: LOL LAZOR Marisa. Ain’t the same without a good ol’ Master Spark, don’tcha think, eh?

Marisa C: LOL FLAMETHROWERS Marisa. Great for heavy damage, but the flames are bit short. Wonder how did Marisa get them flamers… … …

Boss characters? There are 4.

Stage 1 Mid boss: Shizuha Aki. Bleh, nice Sprite, though.

Stage 1 Boss: Minoriku Aki: Mystia’s lovechild??? Or something. I wasn’t thinking straight.

Stage 2 Boss: Kagiyama Hina. OMFG SO CUTE MUST TAKE HOME :V

Stage 3: Kawashiro Nitori. SUPER YOUKAI WARHEAD. Definitely ubér loli and absolutely moé. Need I say more?

Music: AWESOMECAKE. ‘Nuff said.



Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith. It’s about ruddy time.

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Touhou 10 is made of win and awesome Wait, what?

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  • 1. Keiichi!!!!  |  August 24, 2009 at 6:22 am

    Wow thanks for the review of MoF it was really funny when you added ” LOL ” to everything infront i was expecting the same for Marisa unfortunatly you added regular names, OH WELL , Lol


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