Ladies and Gentlemen, this is War.

April 15, 2007 at 3:54 am 15 comments

This is my comment on impz, Lupus, and Crusader’s rant on KyoAni and animé being mainstream. Note that I shift into propaganda mode about halfway through. I kinda got carried away there. And I see too many similarities between otaku and Christians in real life. Heck, I’ve been through a fair amount of it myself. So all of it, at least from my experience, seems to work.

I’m gunning for acceptance of animé, not just as a means of entertainment, but as a way of life. With things as it is, though, it might be extremely hard.

As for animé and mainstream, not gonna happen for a long while. We can thank Superman for that. For any Japan-based animated work to make it big in America and elsewhere, it has to be EPIC QUALITY. And it has to shatter their perceptions of animé as a whole. (tl;dr: planetarian movie.)

And it’s not just the media, but it’s fans. If the world sees us as more than crazed antisocial bad fanfic-writing cartoon-loving haughty people who scream at the latest animé releases, I think we’d be off to a good start in making people accept animé as viable and fun entertainment. We fans have to project a positive image to people in order to make the masses accept our way of life. And from the looks of things, we have one heck of an uphill battle to climb.

If we look at formerly deviant fan communities (Star Trek, D&D, gaming, just to name a few), they have at least gained acceptance, not just as entertainment, but as a way of life, mostly because of their earnest efforts to show the masses why they love their hobby. Of course there’s a fair amount of taunting, ribbing and tasteless jokes, but at least the public has accepted, albeit grudgingly, that their hobbies are relatively fun and wholesome. We need to show to the public that animé is not just fun, but wholesome.

I don’t care if the whole fucking nation does not know what an otaku is. If we’re going to adopt an arrogant attitude, that the masses are unenlightened and unwashed and we are the enlightened ones and that we have to ‘convert’ them, they will simply resist our efforts to show them why we love our hobby. In fact, if I’m not wrong, the mainstream media has been trying to put us in a bad light. So what if the likes of Densha Otoko can help us in a good way? The mainstream media WILL FIND A WAY TO PUT US IN A BAD LIGHT, even if it has to retread old stories to do so. And the masses eat this up, why? They don’t understand the whole story, and only know one side: what the mass media tells them. Contempt leads to fear, to anger, to hate, etc.

It starts from us, the fans. Carry on the torch that has been lit by Densha Otoko. Prove to the world that otaku can be as human s the rest. And when that happens, the world will be a little bit better.

Why do I say this? because it’s the only way to save our way of life. Right now, we are being besieged by hurtful, if sometimes true, news reports. Our games are called ‘rape simulators’. Our hobby is said to incite feelings of lust in teenagers. And heck, we’ve been linked to murders and terrorist acts. All it takes is a madman like JT or Ann Coulter to blow this way out of proportion, and we’re history. Heck, it’s already a problem in Japan, where packs of ‘otaku hunters’ roam the streets to prey on unwitting fans to steal their money (I don’t know if they have solved the problem yet).

Get this straight, this isn’t pre-WWI anymore, where people’s minds were open to strange and new things. This is the 21st century, where control of the media is not just possible, but has already been done, where people worry too much about their next meal to care about other things, where people simply don’t have the time to find out about everything they hear on the news. So what if we have the Internet, not everyone uses a computer in the way we do.

It starts with us, the fans of Japanese animation. We must show the world we are not creepy antisocial people. We must show the world we are not just human, but also fully(if somewhat questionable)-functioning members of society.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are fighting a war. A war that has no borders, no armies, and none of those shiny guns as well. A war that has, until recently, been confined to Japan. A war that the enemy has the upper hand, because they have already sown the seeds of fear and ignorance into the masses’ minds. This is a war that cannot be won by brute force and isolationism. In order to win this war, we must fight, not with force, but with diplomacy. We must win back the hearts and minds of the mases one at a time, by being nice to them. We must show the world we are not what they see us as.

Fight the good fight, brothers and sisters, for when the war is over, we need not fear anyymore the iron grip of the enemy. We can walk free, without the need to hide our hobbies no longer. Japan has shown us the way to win the war, and we must emulate its positive values. Keep a smile on your face, and be as obliging as possible. Spend time with your family and friends. Work dilligently at your studies, and keep your fanaticism in check. Do all these, and we are well on our wayto winning ths war.

(I apologize for the sudden shift in writing style and topic, but it really riles me up when I see otaku acting like arrogant louts not just on the internet, but in real life. They make zero pretense in hiding the fact they are otaku, and act as if they deserve it. It sickens me when they act in such a manner. Yes, I know not all otaku act like this,, but my experiences have told me otherwise. I do live in a country where free speech is a pipedream, after all.)

By the way, Demian, you’re wrong. Somewhat.

PS: New Top Blog tomorrow. And yes, I’m doing Mr. Miao.

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  • 1. uoft-otaku  |  April 15, 2007 at 4:27 am

    I couldnt agree with you more. Mainstream media can’t wait to get thier hands on us…all it would take is a slow news day and some staffer to come across a nanoha doujin on the net and wham..there goes our cover. As for the behaviour of other otaku…there is somewhat of a reason for it..that being that most feel hard done by the treatment they recieive..and the natural reaction is to simply go on the defensive. Im not saying that makes it any more right..just we need a little bit of empathy from both sides of the board here. Densha otoko may have done otaku in japan a big its time for us foreign multitudes to step up and act like the good human beings we say we are…must understand that the masses need to see and experience something with thier own eyes before they change thier perceptions…step up otaku bretherin and show them all your pride… Gambare!

  • 2. Demian  |  April 15, 2007 at 4:45 am

    Nicely expressed, though I disagree on some points. I hardly think anime is the next big thing mass media is after. It has the potential to be, but it’s not happening right now. When I’m seeing otaku on CNN, Foxnews, the cover of TIME, or my daily newspaper, then there’s a problem. The majority of americans don’t even know what anime is. Not to say that thier opinions couldn’t change in a second. The will of the crowds is like that.

    Otaku do have to put on a good image, but I think they’re already doing that, or at least are in public. Your western otaku, who follows fansubs/raws, knows of visual novels, surfs 4chan, is going to appear normal in public, or at least that is what I have seen. I would say it’s more the weabo’s and Narutards, parading in ninja headbands, using japanese in sentences where it doesn’t belong, and reading yaoi in public that will really ruin us all. All it would take is one mom to realize her eight year old daughter is reading about buttsechs to destroy everything. They’re the minds who we need to caution, who need to be taught discretion. But many of them are young and can’t help flaunting the newest thing. They are your “front lines.”

  • 3. Random Passerby  |  April 15, 2007 at 5:21 am

    I agree with Demian; what, I think, the masses have to understand is that there are reasonable fans like us, and then there are the weeaboos. I don’t tell non-fans that I like anime because their image of an “anime fan” is a weeaboo. If we can re-educate the weeaboos, I think we could wipe away a lot of the negative impressions people have of otaku.

    From my experience, Western “anime fans” can be divided, generally, like this:
    -people like us, who know of visual novels, watch the raws/subs/etc. (as Demian mentioned)
    -weeaboos and Narutards
    -casual watchers who like Asian entertainment in general
    -R1 fans, the ones who watch more dubs, read more OEL, know of the English voice actors, etc.
    (I’m probably missing a few groups here)

    The ones usually seen in the mass media are the R1 fans and the weeaboos. That’s why whenever there are articles about anime in the mass media, we feel like they’ve got it “wrong”. We’re the most invisible group. As Demian said, we appear normal in public. We’re the most cautious about revealing our hobbies to non-fans. As a result, the mass media doesn’t notice us and doesn’t write articles about us.

  • 4. lolikitsune  |  April 15, 2007 at 6:36 am

    You’re being awfully childish.

    And Drm, this is coming from me.

  • 5. mrvacbob  |  April 15, 2007 at 6:45 am

    But, most of your games are rape simulators.

    (Depending on “your”, of course)

  • 6. Anonymous  |  April 15, 2007 at 8:19 am

    >>creepy antisocial people
    Speak for yourself, faggot. Still, my deplorable behavior is not related to animu or any Japan media so meh.

  • 7. LianYL  |  April 15, 2007 at 10:38 am

    drm you’re being awfully bored.

    and lolikit, I’m coming on you.

  • 8. anamesis  |  April 15, 2007 at 11:08 am

    i may be morally retarded but even i know not to talk about some shit, and the narutards really got to tone it down…when you seen those damn headbands being sold at walmart there is obviously a problem.

    also that yaoi problem is really serious, even if the majority doesnt have a clue the minority is bat shit loco (trust me i know some of them people…) not to mention those godamn idiots who dont shut up about how *insert random series* is so fucking awesome, im going to go club them with a magical jesus stick and stuff them in a closet so that the police wont have to arrest them for parading done that streets dressed as characters from inuyasha or some other show thats had way to much hype and episodes…

    erm…if any of this dont make sense just ignore me like usual

  • 9. tragic comedy  |  April 15, 2007 at 9:42 pm

    what a fun article…
    its a very interesting insight Drm and i fully agree with you…
    the world lives in a narrow mind.

  • […] and that’s what I’m going to address in this post. Will also be commenting closely on drmchsr0’s, uh, “character-driven” response that, while being theoretically valid, has critical flaws in terms of practical […]

  • 11. drmchsr0  |  April 16, 2007 at 12:31 am

    Anon: Yeth, I know. Gimme a moment while I wonder why. Also, nid moar mudkips.

    MVB: Waitaminute, hon. I haven’t made any videogames yet.

    lolikit: Oshi

    Lian: If I was real bored, I’d be posting up suggestive yaoi pics.

  • 12. thebign  |  April 16, 2007 at 1:08 am

    “The mainstream media WILL FIND A WAY TO PUT US IN A BAD LIGHT, even if it has to retread old stories to do so. ”

    I think that’s a big factor as to why there’s a lack of trying to talk to people about anime, since the bad light associated with anime will probably be seen as much worse compared with other things. The question is, how do we overcome the fear associated with that?

    And your analogy to this being a war? Methinks you might be a bit too serious with that. ^^;

  • 13. Tyrenol  |  April 16, 2007 at 10:16 am

    You ask me: I think there needs to be a bit more diplomacy. Jerry Chu (the ex-marketing manager who hopped from Bandai during Gundam Seed Destiny) said it best that we’re ultimately the deciders on what goes in and what doesn’t. I ain’t seeing it happen. (The magical girl shows, maybe. The adult anime with lolies who are too loli? Companies ain’t going to jail over it.)

    What Pink Ranger and friends are doing with advertising over the Haruhi anime is horrid. I couldn’t watch it. The live-action adult version of Haruhi is better IMHO. This viral marketing / blatant propaganda PR needs to stop.

    I called ADV, Bandai, Kadokawa, and Media Blasters over my need for anime to feature handsome male leads that aren’t losers, punching bags, and/or too bad-ass. And people who truly like anime should get in contact with companies more. Call them up. Visit them at a convention.

    I don’t know if my words are reaching these Japanese companies; but that is my hope. Crap like Mitsuo Fukuda’s CE Gundam and Hideaki Anno’s return to Eva should not even be allowed to reach the US. And there’s a percentage of anime and manga that shouldn’t even be in the US. Niche of a niche of a niche market and all.

  • 14. Ramadahl  |  April 19, 2007 at 2:32 am

    Um, don’t you think that point of view is a little paranoid? Although I suppose the counterpoint is that I’m too naive. Regardless, I appear like a fairly normal person (well… within 2 std. dev. from the mean, anyway >.> ) anyway, so I’m not doing any harm in that respect…

  • […] and that’s what I’m going to address in this post. Will also be commenting closely on drmchsr0’s, uh, “character-driven” response that, while being theoretically valid, has critical flaws in terms of practical […]


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