OVA review: Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu

January 30, 2007 at 11:33 pm 3 comments


Basic Facts

Title: Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu
Episodes: 6
Episode Duration: 25
OP: Forever Blue, sung by Chihiro Imai
ED: Himawari (No, we’re not referring to the animated series by the same name here), sung by Chihiro Imai

Other Media

Light Novel
Number of Books: 4
Publisher: Media Works
Duration: Oct 2001-Aug 2003
Author: Akiyama Mizuhito
Artist: Eeji Komatsu (You might know him better as the character designer for planetarian)

Visual Novel
Publisher: Media Works
Console: Nintendo DS (SUCK IT PSP BITCHES)
Released: 6th November 2006

Well, I just finished this execellent series. High production values (OVAs usually do), and character designs I am familiar with =3 I’ll be going into a fair amount of detail aftter the cut [HERE THAR BE SPOILARZ] (orz), so if you wanna read on, click. For those of you who think this series is a piece of junk or somewhere there, well, there’s 4chan /b/ =3

I’m gonna quote from the promo vid.

The War had already begun, but no one has noticed it yet. The two meet by chance, and weave a sad, funny, somewhat nostalgic sci-fi story of young love.

6 episodes is pretty short to tell the contents of 4 books, but then again, other series have pulled off some crazy stunts (see: Ayashi no Ceres :V). Sure, there’ll be some cuts here and there fom the main story, but… … …

I’m digressing from the main point here. You can tell this OVA was crafted with LOVE. Each episode was animated so beautifully, it SHOWS. Yeah, considering Toei’s other works, it really is an amazing thing.

Characters? Wonderfully written. The main characters (Iriya and Asana) are complex characters with distinct personalities. Asaba is the strong, assertive one (usually, we slowly see a more sensitive and emotional side of him later on) and Iriya is the shy, usually submissive one (we find out later she’s got a whole lotta problems, obssessive-compulsive disoprder, does the whole creepy stalker thing, messed-up memories, oh, and does the whole psycho thing at one point, pulling a knife at Asaba :V I think she almost got raped too V:)

While the OVA is centered around Iriya’s and Asaba’s relationship, the interactions with the side characters are also interesting to watch, especially with Enomoto, who I’m quickly developing a mancrush on. Damn, taking half a P90 magazine and to still have enough life to BRIGHTPUNCH Asaba, and then kneeling just before dying is pretty damned GAR to me, not to mention how he held on to his beliefs to the very end. It’s quite rare for a character to have such a steadfast belief outside of mecha series.

Okay, enough of characters. Suffice to say, I like Iriya a lot T_T (PS: Iriya iz yandere :V)

EEJI KOMATSU WAI WAI NEKO WAI =3 <3<3<3 (Yes, I likeEeji Komatsu’s designs =3)

However, what ticks me off with this OVA is this: the ending is not satisfying. Why do I say that? It ends with that silly cropcircle and the assumption that Iriya didn’t make it. Or something to that extent. War ended, stuff happened, everyone goes off on their merry way. I was hoping for something a little more.. … … appropriate and depressing.
I’m a little sore at being suitaby ripped off. I wanted an ending I could cry to, so there :V

Well, it’s supposed to be a depressing story of tragic first love, kinda like SaiKano (another series I’ll be watching and reviewing :V) , but it contains enough humourous events (the whole Akiho invites Iriya to do a report event, Akiho getting drunk, Iriya wanting Asaba to lick her ‘balls’ (catch the hidden meaning, lulz), among other things) to keep the depression to a minimum. It is Iriya’s memories, well, I can see why they wanted to make a lot of them happy. I have no complaints here, though.

Speaking of depressing, I really like the OP, Forever Blue. It’s a sad, depressing song that sets the mood for the whole series. And for some reason, I like it. (For all of you taking score at home, Drm likes sad, depressing songs, and is also an advocator of yandere females :V)

Yes, this show is beautiful. Not as beautiful as planetarian (that one’s in a class of it own), but still, could move one to tears. I really wanted to cry after watching this, but the tears didn’t even flow. T_T I reckon it’s as beautiful as the current Kanon remake. A must watch? Yep. I recommend it.

Entry filed under: Anime, Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu.

So as I pray, Unlimited GAR WORKS. Shining Brightslap!

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. chir0  |  January 31, 2007 at 5:13 am

    Yes~ I watched it in the past and I was in love with it. The show is touching and all. I remember rewatching it a few times too. T_T

  • 2. samejima  |  January 31, 2007 at 10:38 am

    fsck! why didin’t I get a Nintendo DS!? If i knew this title would come out for DS, I shouldn’t have get a psp in the first place! I really lurv the ova…

  • 3. a  |  February 1, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    “Yeah, considering Toei’s other works, it really is an amazing thing.”

    This line is made of win.


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