Good EOY, you look kinda cool: A post-con report

December 16, 2006 at 10:32 pm 6 comments

And so ends another big (relatively speaking) cosplay event in Singapore. Woo nelly. Guess that means it’s time for


Now, I’m gonna list things as I can remember them, because I kinda have a mild headache.

  • Doujin stuff
    Bleh. Only sold two books. T_T I need to sell more T_T
  • Hey big fat friend, we meet again.
    Guess who made an appearance? Yep, ODEX and Blue Max. Blue Max had the slightly better showing, though. At least they tried to sell me SOMETHING. Not like the people from ODEX in the corner, sitting there doing nothing. Still, they deserve a few points for actually showing up. Just a few. Just goes to show the power of limited-but-free speech does work sometimes.
  • No KKnM
    Heh. There was no KKnM at EOY, which made me realize this one was going to be a letdown. And by golly gee, it was. More later. Also this meant I was not going to spend like an idiot.
  • The maids from Cosafe came
    Good Lord, people, take your minds out of the gutter. They appeared at EOY, which is kinda nice, seeing as they just opened and all.
  • Rampant felmale-oriented stuff
    Well, this was kinda a foregone conclusion, seeing as the majority of crossdressers are females. Females love bishies. And females have bigger spending power. I’ll take that into consideration when I plan for the next artbook.
  • Meeting the gang
    Yep, I met DM, Tsu, umehiko (dressed like Yuki, she was smoking hot!), tj_han, bjorn, and the rest of the gang. Singapore Animebloggers unite! *waves a little flag, wee~ But kwok was MIA. T_T
  • Cosplayers of note
    Apart from umehiko (as Yuki), there was this really nice Dark Saber one, A Saber and Rin (not all that good, tho), Shana (that sword is not long enough) TWO Suzumiya Haruhi cosplayers (My Word, there must be a rip in the time-space continuity) I think that was all.
  • STAC, what happened?
    Hay STAC, nice event and all, what happened to paying for the Entrance Fee? How the Hell did bjorn and his merry friends get in for free? And where were the people manning the admission booth? I call schennigans!
  • Too much Final Fantasy 7
    :V I get it, AeriTH is dead and gone :V
  • No God Knows being sung
    Well, that was a minor dissapointment. I know Tsu is gonna flame for this.
  • Woo first doujin soundtrack
    Mad froms to tera, who just became the first guy here to produce a doujin soundtrack! Let’s give him a warm round of applause!
  • Still no doujin games being sold
    Let’s see here… … … No Touhou, no Melty Blood, no Charater Material, no IOSYS, no visual novels, no doujin stuff from Japan being sold. Yeah. I might have to rectify that.

Overall, this year’s EOY was kinda… … … … disappointing. Sure, there were quite a few good cosplayers and I still managed to snag some swag, but… … … well, there really wasn’t a lot going for me this time round. Now, I’m not dissing the cosplay scene here, but well, it’s just that this time round, I know I could spend a much better time at home.

I’m hoping the next EOY is a lot better. Or I’m gonna have to join STAC to pump in some awesome myself.

P.S: Tsu, don’t flame them too hard, eh?

P.P.S: I’m off to Thailand for the next 4 days. Don’t expect me to reply to anything until then (or until I can get to a cybercafe there, that is.)

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EOY plans :V Haruhiism Diatribe: There are still people going at it?

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  • 2. LianYL  |  December 17, 2006 at 4:08 am

    Off to Thailand? That means I can take my time to TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL. And seeing the overall remarks makes me realise that it might have been a good thing to have accidentally missed the event.

    P.S. Tsu called you a cheater instead. Win.
    PPPPS I’m hot gay
    PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ‘Dissappointment’ and ‘felmale’.

  • 3. tallonkarrde23  |  December 17, 2006 at 4:37 am

    Kind of gay how the closer you are to Japan the shittier the cons become.

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  • 5. DNA  |  December 17, 2006 at 8:12 pm

    ya kinda cheated that they close booth and open the event free after 3pm.. curses…. no kknm… well thats sad…

    No God Knows being sung… ah… regarding that.. my friend couldn’t make it… her eyes hurt.. red eyes.. some fella pass on to her.. thats why she couldnt come..

    over all… ya.. kinda disappointed..abit..

  • 6. kwok  |  December 26, 2006 at 7:51 pm

    Oh, I spent the day uh shit I cannot remember. Anyway I spent the potential entrance fee buying a novel instead.



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