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And since hung is pulling a tsundere act, it’s time to raid the ANO podcast mailbag.

Well, since japes caught the cooties and no one wants to talk, and well, ALL-PORN podcasts hasn’t released it’s latest episode… …


(mostly taken from the ANO podcast mailbag.)

What are the worst anime OPs you have listened to?

BEING by KOTOKO. It didn’t fit the general flow of the series.

*Which anime would you show to people who
a. Haven’t seen an anime
b. Have a bad opinion of anime, i.e. think it is childish

a. Azumanga Daioh, ARIA, Rurouni Kenshin, Honey & Clover, Saikano if I’m feeling rather sadistic.
b. Depends on what they like. If they’re D&D geeks, maybe a dose of Scrapped Princess, BERSERK, Slayers. For Battletech Fans, Full Metal Panic, 08th MS Team, UC Gundam. Western fans, a touch of Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Coyote Ragtime Show. Supernatural Freaks get their dose of Hellsing Ultimate. And Christian fundies can go watch Neon Genesis Evangelion and go suck it.

*Are any of you fans of NARUTARU?

Wait, not Naruto? NEXT!

Just curious as to why some of the more stronger hitting and well done anime movies/OVA are never mentioned among many bloggers or even in your own podcasts in reference to stories that affected or left lasting impressions. Is it a generational thing? (i.e. younger anime watchers may not have seen these titles and not taken the time to go back and watch as they are too obsessed with the latest Bleach or Naruto fillers?)

1. I may not have watched it, and 2. I have a really short-term memory.

NOT being an ignorant “All USA, USA ROCKS, EVERYONE ELSE SUCKS” kind of idiot, I can handle a bit of anti USA undertones in anime. We dropped 2 horrible bombs there in Japan, and we are often a world bully (usually when a Republican is in office) so I get it. But I feel as if there is more and more anti American themes in anime lately and it’s getting to the point where it seems like every show is brining up the “Evil USA” or the evil USA military. What is your take on all this anti-American comments, themes, and do you think it will effect DVD sales here in the USA? (Examples, notice how super similar looking characters mimicking Condoleezza Rice and other current Bush administration people are shown to be wanting mass murdering Chiropterans in the Blood series? In the GITS shows, it’s the evil American Military that is an underlying enemy to Section 9. And so on, and so on… It’s as if the anime industry in Japan is reverting back to it’s old sterotypes of American again..

Well, most of the consumer base are open-minded, level-headed people. And well, even though America DID drop ‘TEH BOMBS’ on Japan, they’ve helped speed up the Japanese post-war economy, not to mention bringing in technology and stuff. As for the anti-American sentiments… … … well, go read the news and come back to me.

Are Anime viewers more likely to be open to new ideas? Since Anime is not a main-stream entertainment outside Japan, and if you also consider that Anime is more likely to deal with fantasy stuffs or Sci-fi things, I thought that anime fans would be more likely to entertain novel ideas and concepts. Much to my surprise, the local anime club I joined and paid membership due, the Purdue Anime Club, has repeated called me stupid for putting up new topics or answering some of older topics in their forums and often locked or deleted the posts almost as soon as I put up one, even though they contained no profanity nor anything that might be offensive to someone: an example of the post that was called stupid and basically told me to be glad that it wasn’t locked up was a post about what I thought were some of the best or most influential anime songs. What bothered me the most was, however, I have heard in the club meeting someone else mentioning a point similar to one I have raised in the forum post, and he was quickly told to shut up: more precisely, he questioned the physics in Shakugan no Shana’s world and was told that since there is magic, we should not think about any science in Shana’s world. So the question is, are anime groups and communities generally this closed minded and impolite like Purdue Anime Club, or is PAC an exception to the norm?

I have never come across such haughty and ill-advised bastards outside of my club. Or outside of 4chan, but we all know 4chan has the largest pool of retards per square Internet than most places on the Internet. With the exception of HongFire, which has the largest pool of haughty bastards per square Internet than most places on the Internet.

However, let me share with you my experiences.

While generally, the club I belong to (SP Life Arts, a lot of you have heard about it, I think) does not engage in such deep and time-consuming topics (this is left mostly to the philosophers, and I’m not one), close-mindedness and impoliteness runs really deep in the club. Although the club has had an unofficial reputation among members of the club of recruiting one oddball per academic year, I have noted we tend to attract more of the haughty bastards who claim themselves ‘otaku’. This lot is a dangerous, impolite, close-minded and stupid lot with zero regard for rules and regulations. They are a selfish bunch who have a lot of say in the running of the club because the club’s administration doesn’t give a rat’s ass about past events. Which may or may not be a good thing.

but I’m digressing from the point here. These bastards are most probably the same caliber of the people who run the Purdue Anime Club. And why do I know? These stupid people have confronted me in real life over issues we don’t see eye-to-eye about. And worse still, they are wimps, hiding under whatever is handy(physical or otherwise) so that they don’t want to die for their beliefs. They may think they are the elite, being able to flame those who dare speak their minds, but in reality, they are nothing but spineless idiots who would most probably deny their otakuness under threat of death. Worse stil, they’ve proven themselves to be able to disregard the status quo and the rules in the past to do whatever they like. I don’t know about you guys, but after knowing such people exist(ed) in my club, I don’t know if I want to even associate with them.

Thankfully, the club is not filled with such people. It’s also filled with clear-headed, unbiased, open-minded people whose only desire is to see the club survive.

How would you go about asking a fellow fan who is a friend of yours to tone down their overt fanism in public? Have you ever been embarrased by a friends displays of anime fandom?

With whatever’s handy(I will not hesitate to shut him up in the most efficient means possible; ie, by offing him.). And no, I feel a sense of pride that I keep my otakuness hidden from the public eye.

“There should be a lolicon in the podcast. IT IS DEMANDED.” (Yes this is from ALL-PORN)

Well, I’ve promised lolikit to actually haul ass and get on the podcast, and I’m slowly turning lolicon, so, I guess that’ll work out. Assuming lolikit has enough time to pull of another one.

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