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I cringed.

This man is Ernest Scribbler… writer of jokes. In a few moments, he will have written- Errr… … wrong post. This isn’t supposed to be funny.

To be honest, I was really overjoyed to be exposed to, um, more Shion. Well, for the first half of the show. Then we move on to the much scarier second half of the show. Yes the NailRipper 2K scene.

I cringed even before it happened. I didn’t see the nail fly out, but I did hear the screams. It broke my heart. Real bad. I had to fight the urge to rip off my headphones then and now. I also fought the urge to skip that scene.

It’s funny, see, because if I were to rank all the violent and disturbing scenes in the series, I’d put this first, and the whole Shion-in-a-camisole-freaking-out-at-Mion scene second (and we’re not even sure if that’s Shion in the cell.) this wouldn’t be very high on the list. Sure, it hurts like the ruddy dickens, but well, I dunno.

And I bet everyone else was going WOO! DIE BITCH DIE!. Hopefully not. Nobody should ever have to go through such trauma. And I highly doubt any character (at least in this series) should go through such intense hatred. She’s already suffered more than her fair share at the hands of the scenario writer, and I hope the fans do realize this.

And I still don’t know the reason why I love Shion so much. It’s rather unhealthy, liking a fictional character, even if anyone tells me it’s normal.

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I just realized something.

In most H-doujins and H-fanart, I rarely see the breaking of the hymen, ie the part of the doujin/pic where the male and the female are doing it, and you see blood in that area. No she’s not having her period.

And yet, you see the male with a swollen penis the size of the friggin’ Titanic. (Note: This is an extrapolation. A very very wild extrapolation.) And usually the length and girth of a redwood. (Again, more wild extrapolation.) How could this be possible if we assume the girl has never had sex before?

We can only assume three things here:

  1. The female has no hymen to start with.
  2. We are being led by the Japanese fanartists.
  3. The vagina is actually a  place where right is wrong, Einsteinein physics goes outta whack, Stephen Hawking is proven wrong on a regular basis, and penises automagically shrink upon entering the forbidden zone. And that the hymen is a whole lotta stronger than than the Hoover Dam.

I call shenanigans and pick the third theory. After all, we don’t know anything about the female body, am I right?

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Enjoying anime

I have noticed that in my country, the main distributor of animated series is usually given the finger by most anime fans, citing reasons like poor quality of video, and lousy subbing. And these same people are the ones who worship Haruhi instead of Kyon, are Sony fanboys, bitch about fansubbers, and are generally annoying louts who revel in the fact they like to be in a fantasy world rather than in the real world. Yes, I know that the distributors here are lousy, you don’t have to repeat it like a parrot. Or in this case, a Norwegian Blue, beautiful plumage, pines for the fjords a little too much, I’m afraid. (End rant?)
The problem with anime fans nowadays is, they’ve lost track of what truly makes anime enjoyable. Or manga. Or erogames. Or anime music. Or Doujin games. People, people, it’s not about the funky subs, the in-sync karaoke, the fiddly bitrates, or who’s subbing it, but it’s about YOU. Yes, you, the viewer. True, while most anime are basically moneymaking fanservice used for promoting the merch, bottom line is, we enjoy watching it for many, many reasons. I have always believed that the anime experience is unique to everyone. We may share certain experiences, but to each and every one, the experience is unique. No two people will share the same experience. Yes, people, even Jones Meow, flawed his vision may be, has his experience a whole lot different than others. Sadly, this is not the message I am trying to bring across.

Have we, the fans, lost sight of whay we love these interesting moneymaking excuses for cartoons? From what I’ve experienced in real life and over the Internet, I believe we have. I think it’s time to look deep into ourselves and ask ourselves, when we look into a mirror, do we see ourselves, or do we see someone else?

And since I promised more links, here’s a few~

  • Web Pages That Suck – Not anime-related, I know, but even japes should read it. A must read for every aniblogger, even if you do use WordPress.
  • The Excite Japan-to-English translator – Yes, Babelfish is “useful” for most languages, but I fnd this a whole lot better for Japanese-to-English translations. Hey, at least everything is translated into English.
  • The Anime Nano Podcast – All hail hung, Hinano and japes for actually pulling this off. It’s very, very good.
  • Mirror Moon – They’re doing the Tsukihime English Patch! Say hi to them!

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