Higuthingy 12 and Utawawawawawathingy 11

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Overstretching myself again? I think not Probably.

Well, we’ve gone through the Keiichi goes nucking futs and kills two perfectly fine girls instead of porking them arc, and the what happens if you trespass hallowed ground arc, and now, we’re nearing the end of the ZOMGCHILD ABUSE arc. Killer lolis count: 0. Dead Apostle Ancestor Count: Unknown (Possibly 2). Burial Agency Members Count: 1(If Chie-sensei ain’t Ciel, then Arcueid doesn’t exist, and Shiki “A CAT IS FINE TOO” Tohno didn’t pork that cat).

Instead of going “OMG SATOKO POOR GIRL” and how everyone’s favorite walking corpse grew some balls, I’m gonna talk about the Edgar Allan Poe homage it made.

While it may be fun disproving lolikitsune’s crazy theory, I think there may be some truth to it. Though that’s another post for another time. I’m assuming there is something supernaturally wrong with Hinamizawa but it does not manifest itself yet.

Well, one of my favorite authors of all time is Edgar Allan Poe, and his works have left a really strong impression on my mind. The work I’m referring to here is “The Tell-Tale Heart”.

The story is about a paranoid man who claims to be able to hear everything. He goes nucking futs and kills his landlord because the poor guy’s huge eye scares the fuck outta him. While talking with the police, his guilt gets the beter of him, in the form of a still-beating heart. In the dead man’s body hidden beneath the floor.

This episode of Higurashi is almost similar to that story. It started near the end of 11, and continues on at 12, and quite probaly 13, too. Keiichi, finally killing Houjou Teppei, is losing it. He becomes paranoid, and when Takano finds him, he loses it. During school the next day, his conscience slowly gets the better of him. He doesn’t act like his normal self and when he realizes he KILLED THE WRONG MAN, he slowly loses it. He tries to find the murder weapon to confirm he didn’t kill, but he does not, thereby going nucking futs.

Which leads into our dramatic confession. Kei’s guilty conscience gets the better of him, and he confesses to Irie, who thinks Kei’s gone psycho. Kei loses it again, thinking he murdered Takano, and, to put it in Poe terms, “tears up the floorboards”. Of course, Oishii’s there with a few men and beats some sense into our murderer. However, the hole’s empty. (You wacky Japanese, you’ve got it all mixed up!)

At the end of this episode, we are presented with questions.

If Keiichi killed Teppei, then who’s been abusing poor Satoko? Sure, Teppei is capable of raping Satoko, but I don’t think Teppei’s that kind of guy. He may be a bit of a dick, but I can’t see him sticking his p0n0s into a little girl. In defense of Houjou Teppei, his hostily has to come from some place. Maybe it has to do with that one-handed statue we see in episode 6? And as to who raped Satoko, my gut feeling says Irie. Looks can be deceiving, and Irie is capable of hoodwinking us all.

Is the city of Hinamizawa full of demon hybrids? Well, there could have been some of them in the hamlet. And probably the Immortal Reincarnator himself, Roa. Well, something has to explain Ciel’s presence in Hinamizawa… and no, I don’t think curry was involved. If you look closely, there are a few homages to Tsukihime (ENGLISH PATCH COMING SOON). Not just certain elements, but also certain themes, though 07th Expansion don’t have such a talented writer to emulate Nasu.

Is Keiichi plum fucking wacko? Yes. Blame Irie.

Moving on… … …


Fuck. And he was such an awesome character. CURSE YOU, LEAF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, ooh, Touka…

Oh, and Hakuoro is not Rak Shine, no matter how awesome the dire mace is as a weapon.

Next week: Touka falls off a bridge, no signs of fucking in sight. Damn.

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