June 26, 2006 at 9:00 am 5 comments

I've skimmed through what Hongfire and a few other anime bloggers have to say. The verdict:

  • HF: YOU BLOODY ELITIST HYPOCRITES. Say all you want, but banning someone who says 4chan does not give you good standing with the community.
  • Lolicontrol: LOL
  • DarkMirage: I agree with what you have said.

I'm not even gonna say anything about 4chan. Their opinions mean nothing here. Mostly because I know the usual responses. *former 4channer and /b/tard.

and now, jpmeyer's and jal's take from the IRC channel.

[08:14] <jpmeyer> this INTERNET DRAMA regarding wind looks insane
[08:18] <jpmeyer> i can't really understand what nnl hopes to acheive
[08:19] <jpmeyer> "we put in 1000 hours" makes it sound like they want to flaunt their e-penis
[08:19] <jpmeyer> but if nobody gets to see the patch than nobody can care
[08:22] <jal0021> I've always known the NNL guys to be pretty decent folks
[08:23] <jal0021> it's pretty easy to get fed up with the "pirate everything" crowd
[08:23] <DrmChsr0> LOL insani
[08:23] <DrmChsr0> LOL gp32
[08:23] <DrmChsr0> LOL everybody
[08:23] <DrmChsr0> That's my comment on the whole DORAMA.
[08:23] <jal0021> agreed
[08:23] <jal0021> just one big pissing match
[08:23] <jal0021> over WIND, of all things
[08:24] <jpmeyer> when i talked to the reps from hirameki at new york comicon, they told me that the market for visual novel games among american anime fans (NOT gamers in general!) is extremely small and is really just the hardest of hardcore fans
[08:24] <jpmeyer> so it makes me wonder who NNL thinks is going to buy this game
[08:25] <jal0021> hardcore fans like them, I suppose
[08:25] <jpmeyer> however
[08:25] <jpmeyer> when i also talked to them
[08:25] <jpmeyer> they said that the hardest core fans already generally know a fair amount of japanese anyway
[08:25] <jpmeyer> (them being hirameki)

jpmeyer and jal on visual novels.

[08:27] <jal0021> even if my Japanese reading skills were better, I probably wouldn't play many visual novels… requires too much time
[08:27] <jal0021> might as well just wait for the inevitable anime adaptation
[08:28] <jpmeyer> i get pretty bored if i can't beat the game in a few days. there's only so much reading that i want to do. i can read like a textbook per day, so i can't mentally forgive what is basically a trumped-up porno for requiring like 40-100 hours to read through
[08:29] <jal0021> exactly… too many words for a whole lot of nothing
[08:33] <jpmeyer> look, we don't need you to spend 20 hours telling us that she is the main character's little sister or something. just have her say "onii-chama" once in order make it clear what fetish she is, and then have them bonk a few times. there. i just made fun of your favorite game. whatever it is
[08:33] <jpmeyer> visual novels are the most pretentious pornos ever conceived
[08:35] <jpmeyer> (says someone who has written thousands of words on these though, so i'm probably making fun of myself here)

Apologies on the IRCness.

I declare HF and NNL bloody hypocrites, the anime bloggers sane, and the Internet full of swiss fuckers.

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LOL MOAR INTERNETS DORAMA Summer anime selections.

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  • 1. sibladeko  |  June 26, 2006 at 2:42 pm

    Woah I missed something didn’t I?
    I used to bother posting at HF, not anymore though, it’s leech and gone now.
    So wait, I’m going to assume hongfire didn’t allow torrents or something of ze patch?
    And then NNL was like break your discs to prove you have the original game?
    When HF has always been a straight out piracy site?

    And where does 4chan fit into this (just the fact they are a lesser, viler, eviler torrent site?)

  • 2. lolikitsune  |  June 26, 2006 at 3:36 pm

    Anime bloggers FTW…

    Sometimes I wonder who the true elitists are XD

  • 3. T_T|||  |  June 26, 2006 at 11:02 pm

    lolikitsune >>The gays are.

    Lolis FTW. Toys Planning FTW.

  • 4. Anonymous  |  June 27, 2006 at 1:08 pm

  • […] DRAMA these days has to do with NNL’s fan translation of Wind ~A Breath of Heart~. I was brainstorming about this in IRC yesterday, and while most of what I said there was a sarcastic joke, the actual facts (rather than […]


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