About Prison Conditions and well, someone slap me.

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Goodness, this popped in my head right after I woke up.

Blahblahblah prisons blahblahblah human rights blahblaghblah USA blahblahblah Guantanamo blahblahblah prison conditions blahblahblah sekret CIA holding cells blahblahblah Okay I'm done with the real life portion. For those not in the know, Google or Wiki it. I'm too lazy to summarize 2-4 years of news in under 200 words.

And to link it back to anime, I think you all are familiar with the jail scene in episode 8 of Higuthingy. Yes I'm questioning the conditions of the Sonozakis. And this time, I need something better than Gnome Battle Armor.

*hops inside a 100-ton Atlas BattleMech. 

All systems go, commlink online, logic circuits activated. I hope I don't burst into tears.

As you all know, the Sonozakis improson their victims before they torture them and rip out their guts. I'm not too sure how they drive their victims into utter submission and break their spirits, but I highly suspect it might involve powerful hypnodrugs, stimulants, aand a little light torture. Insufficient to cause physical pain, but enough to cause anyone hopped up on stimulants and the like to actually feel a hundred times the pain without actually causing any.

There's also the hallucinogens. A constant dosage of the drug will cause any sane human hopped up on it to see their worst nightmares. And worse. It is not enough to cause physical pain for the Sonozakis. They want their victims to utterly fear them. To scare their victims with just their mere presence. To cause them to go into spasms at the mere mention of the name Sonozaki. It's a horrible, horrible process that not even the ardently religious can withstand.

And to add to that, they might have tried to use subliminal mindcontrol. I may be reading a bit too much Dune and science fiction novels, but with repeated exposure to these methods, only a keyword is needed to trigger cold waves of fear in people. Used properly, even the strongest of people can be defeated with just one word, or worse, by looking at someone associated with the word, with the proper conditioning. To this date, I have yet to think of a countermeasure to such dangerous methods.

At least they leave their victims with a small modicum of respect. (Also, now I understand why Rika stuck that knife in her head multiple times. I still don't understand why the head, though.)

And now, I must end here, for should I go on any longer, I might just march into Hinamizawa and start causing utter mayhem. Mion must die.

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