The Homosexual Misadventures of F. Haruhi

May 27, 2006 at 5:49 am Leave a comment

The story of a guy/girl/OMGWTFBBQIT IS THIS who has to become a Host in order to pay off a whopping 8million yen debt. Though i think the vase was fake and an excuse to get poor Haruhi into the club. ZOMG CONSPIRACY.

Okay. Enough of the premise. Time for the meat.

I find Ouran amazingly hilarious as well as mindbendingly funny. Part of the reason why it is so is because of Ms. Fujioka Haruhi. Well, her and the Host Club. The lot of them are dynamic characters with distinct personalities which makes the show a joy to watch. And well, let's face it, if Haruhi was a man, the show would be half as funny. I mean, even though I find gays funny(no thanks to Hard Gay), Ms.Fujioka openly admits she likes being a host and entertaining girls, implying she is gay.

The other reason why the show is so hilarious is because of the attitudes of the rich. Let's face it, the rich are a weird bunch. We don't know what the fuck is it they do with their free time, and since they have lots of it(and by lots, I mean an assload), they probably would do something stupid like hire the Host Club to do stuff. By turning the weird behavior of the rich during their free time into gags, jokes and utter comedy, Ouran is clearly making jest out of the lifestyles of the Rich. And since we all can't be rich, we are compelled to laugh at their weirder behaviors.

Now for the crazy speculation corner.

Tamaki says Honey is actually the oldest among them all. Does this imply that he is actually a six-thousand-year-old King of Heroes who ingested a youth potion and is now studying as a cute little boy? (And yes, I would like to abduct Honey and put him into my harem. Just as soon as I find the spells required to repel Elder Gods from my humble abode, that is.) 

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It’s like I stumbled into a server filled with nothing but Tessa pics, Tessa doujins(h- and otherwise) and nothing else. This…is very interesting.

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